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The Brabant Environmental Scan from Telos/GGDs awarded

Published: 20th November 2019 Last updated: 12th May 2020

Telos, Brabant Center for Sustainable Development at Tilburg University, and the joint Municipal Health Services of the province of Brabant (GGDs) have together won the ‘Aan-de-Slag-Trophy 2019’ with their Brabant Environmental Scan (Brabant Omgevingsscan BrOS). The trophy is awarded annually to an inspiring project that prepares for the Environment Act (Omgevingswet)

Out of 28 submissions (from Dutch municipalities, regional water authorities, diverse institutes and project groups) the jury selected 5 nominees, including the final winner Telos/GGDs with their environmental scan. On November 18, project manager Wieteke de Vries received the prize in Amersfoort.  

The Brabant Environmental Scan (BrOS) makes it possible to give health and well-being a solid position in spatial-economic plans. From a richly filled database, BrOS combines available data about our living environment with the health experience of people from the province of Brabant at the neighborhood level on the basis of 12 themes about the living environment, such as noise, pollution and traffic. BrOS provides a quick overview of the health and quality of life in a certain area, and shows strenghts and weaknesses. Policy makers are now able to include health and well-being in the development of an environmental plan.