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Visit to Minister van Engelshoven as part of the NWA Start Impulse

Published: 13th June 2019 Last updated: 13th June 2019

On Monday, June 3, Ton Wilthagen visited Minister van Engelshoven (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) together with a delegation from JOIN (young people in a resilient society) and soceital partners. The visit took place to present the first results of JOIN and because the awards from the NWA will be announced shortly.

A small group of researchers spoke with the minister about JOIN and the NWA route Towards resilient societies and the role of Social Sciences and Humanities in the National Science Agenda.

During the visit the first results of two projects from the Start Impulse JOIN, part of the NWA route Resilient Societies, were presented: "All young people in the picture" by Ton Wilthagen (Tilburg University) and "Towards a better labor market connection for new Dutch people" by Nina Hansen (University of Groningen). In both presentations it emerged how research combining scientific expertise with close collaboration with social partners can lead to concrete solutions for young status holders on the labor market (Hansen) and young people who are in danger of being left out of the picture (Wilthagen).

The Startimpuls is one of the first sub-programs within the National Science Agenda.

By investing in innovative and socially relevant research via 25 routes of the National Science Agenda, knowledge can be developed for scientific breakthroughs and for social tasks. The research program covers all disciplines and focuses on the entire chain of fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research.

JOIN minister van Engelshoven