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I-HILT History of International Law E-Lecture Series 2021-2022

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Online / Zoom

Professor Ingo Venzke will be discussing his research in the very first I-HILT e-lecture of year. This is an exciting opportunity to ponder important questions pertaining to the importance of legal change, and how such change contextually comes about.

The Path not Taken: On Legal Change and its Context


Clearly, law does not develop in a vacuum. Legal change must be understood in relation to broader contexts. But how? It may happen that broader contexts fatefully determine legal change. As a general claim, however, such a view is hardly tenable. Curiously enough, it is unrealistic in its denial of law’s relative autonomy, as I will argue. Legal change must be related contexts without reducing the former to the latter. The question is not whether contexts matter, but how and to what extent? And what counts as context?

Professor Ingo Venzke is from the University of Amsterdam, specialising in international law, global governance, legal theory, and inequality.

To register, please email Dr. Deepak Mawar ( with the title ‘I-HILT Lecture Registration’.

*This event shall take place and be recorded on Zoom.