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Carol Ou appointed as Professor of Information Management

Published: 19th March 2019 Last updated: 17th April 2019

Tilburg University has appointed Dr. Carol Ou as Professor of Information Management at the Department of Management in the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), effective October 1, 2018. Her research highlights how IT can empower and restrict organizational performance and consumer behavior. She has particular teaching and research interests in digital transformation, IT governance, social and communication networks, and the design of online marketplaces, examining their impacts in corporate setting and sharing economy.

In organization related research, she scrutinizes how teamwork and organizational agility can be enhanced or restricted by enterprise systems, communication networks, knowledge sharing communities and social media. She makes use of large-scale datasets such as publically available corporate communication corpora and social media data to examine firms’ organizational stability and stock performance from both theoretical and methodological perspectives. In additional to IT impacts in organizations, she is also intrigued by the power of technology in eliciting consumer behavior and hence investigates how technological elements (such as design of electronic platforms, recommendation agents and privacy) pervade and change consumers in their decisions. By virtue of her international background, she has an immanent curiosity to examine these topics in different cultures.

Carol Ou teaches in the Master Program of Information Management at TiSEM. In her courses, the most contemporary technologies are introduced and digital transformation strategies are discussed. As the representative of TiSEM, Carol serves in the program committee of Data Science: Business Governance in the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences.

Carol Ou graduated from the Department of Information Systems at City University of Hong Kong. She is a certified IT auditor and works as Academic Advocate at the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, in which she encourages students and professionals to take IT audit as one of the career choices, as well as promotes globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. She is now engaged as Senior/Associate Editor of three journals in the Information Systems discipline: Information Systems Journal; Information & Management; IT and People.

Philip Eijlander Diversity Program

TiSEM has appointed Carol Ou within the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program. This program increases the proportion of women in higher academic positions, by creating extra positions on the level of assistant professor, associate professor and full professor.


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