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Josette Dijkhuizen appointed endowed professor Sustainable employability of entrepreneurs

Published: 02nd May 2022 Last updated: 02nd May 2022

As of May 1, 2022, Tilburg University has appointed Prof. Josette Dijkhuizen as an endowed professor of 'Sustainable employability of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands'. Her research focuses on increasing knowledge and understanding of critical events in the personal and working lives of entrepreneurs, potential causes of dropout and possible preventive interventions. The chair is established by Movir, income insurer for independent entrepreneurs.

The growing group of entrepreneurs is of great economic and social importance in the Netherlands. Failure or disability has major implications for this group and for society. Sustainable employability of entrepreneurs is therefore an important theme. This chair focuses on questions about the influence of life stages of the entrepreneur and his or her company. It also identifies the critical events that influence the well-being of entrepreneurs, the interventions that they themselves deploy and the effect thereof, and the differences between male and female entrepreneurs in all these factors.

Josette Dijkhuizen

Yoram Schwarz, managing director of Movir: "This endowed chair pays attention to topical issues in a way that has not been done before on this scale. It is good that this is happening now: we live in a time when economic and social challenges such as the corona pandemic are asking a lot of entrepreneurs. We are therefore very pleased with the appointment of Josette Dijkhuizen, who is specialized in the psychology of entrepreneurship, among other things. Because she is an entrepreneur herself, she makes the connection between science and practice like no one else."

Josette Dijkhuizen: "Entrepreneurship is wonderful but not always easy. How can we best support entrepreneurs in their efforts to remain in business? I look forward to working with a party like Movir to find the answer to that question."

About Josette Dijkhuizen

Josette Dijkhuizen received her master's degree from Tilburg University and her PhD from Tilburg University's Human Resource Studies Department. From August 2015 to August 2021, she was an honorary professor of entrepreneurship at Maastricht School of management. She is also an active entrepreneur herself on the topics mentioned above. The chair of Sustainable employability of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands wil be situated at the Department of Management of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

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