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Nadine Groeneveld-Tijssens appointed Endowed Professor of Appellate Proceedings

Published: 30th August 2022 Last updated: 30th August 2022

As of September 1, 2022, Nadine Groeneveld-Tijssens is Endowed Professor of Appellate Proceedings at Tilburg University. The chair has been established by the Dutch appellate courts and falls under the Department of Private, Business & Labour Law. Groeneveld will research the duties, position, and working methods of courts of appeal.

Societal developments such as digitalization and calls for more attention to the human dimension impact on the administration of justice on all levels. Appellate law is also influenced by changes in proceedings in the first instance and in cassation. For example, what implications does the more central role of hearing arguments in civil proceedings have for appellate proceedings? Does the evolving position of the Supreme Court, focusing more on shaping law, have consequences for dispensing justice in appeals cases? Do the appellate courts have a general duty in the area of quality control or improvement, and if so, do they adequately perform that duty?

It is questions of this kind that Nadine Groeneveld will explore in the coming years to research the duties, position, and working methods of courts of appeal. In doing so, she will pay particular attention to the impact of input from the parties, the court of first instance, and counsel (in appeal) on the output on appeal.

Nadine Groeneveld

Geert Vervaeke, Dean of Tilburg Law School: “I am very pleased with Groeneveld-Tijssens’ appointment as endowed professor at our Law School. Her research advances legal science in the area of appellate proceedings and her teaching helps spread that knowledge. I am grateful to the Dutch appellate courts for establishing the chair. It will enable us to further strengthen the connection between academia and legal practice.”


As counsel with right of audience before the Supreme Court, Nadine Groeneveld-Tijssens LLM, PhD, has deeply engaged in appellate proceedings for several years. She has broad experience in cassation appeals and her portfolio as cassation counsel includes cases on contract and liability law, expropriation law, transportation law, and procedural law. At AKD Benelux Lawyers she litigates cases both before the Supreme Court and in fact-finding instances. She also regularly assists fellow members of the bar who litigate appeals cases, counseling them on procedural aspects.

Groeneveld is well versed in civil procedural law, partly through her experience as cassation counsel, and partly through her PhD research into declaratory decisions. Having obtained her doctorate in 2015, she has continued to work at Tilburg University as a Fellow. She is a visiting lecturer, teaching the Master’s course Advanced Law of Civil Procedure, and regularly teaches courses to organizations that include courts, appellate courts, and training establishments on such procedural themes as the claim for relief, the operative part of judicial decisions, binding force of judicial decisions, and appellate law.

Groeneveld regularly publishes about both procedural and substantive topics. She authored a monograph on custody contracts in the leading Civil Code Monographs series and she co-authored a volume on Dutch Private International Law (Book 10 of the Civil Code) in the Sdu Commentary series.

On graduating from Tilburg University in 2008 with a Master’s degree in Dutch law, she was presented with the TLS Master’s Thesis Award for her thesis on the contractor’s obligation to warn. She also worked at several law firms.

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