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Tilburg University appoints Martijn Boons Professor of Finance

Published: 19th September 2022 Last updated: 28th September 2022

Dr. Martijn Boons of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) has been appointed Professor of Finance, effective October 1, 2022. In this position, he will focus on the intersection of asset pricing and macroeconomics.

In his research, Martijn Boons will (i) explore the factors that determine the prices of and returns on financial and real assets, including stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities and (ii) study the behavior of households and firms that invest in these assets. He uses financial market and macroeconomic data to analyze the macro and factor risks that investors care about, the possibly time-varying price investors are willing to pay to hedge these risks, and therefore ultimately the discount rate that should be used to evaluate uncertain future cash flows. 

In the coming years, Martijn Boons will focus on the project entitled “The Economic Implications of Return Predictability,” for which he received an NWO VIDI grant in 2022. The goal of this project is to determine the drivers of variation in long-term expected returns across financial and real assets. Long-term returns determine the cost of financing of firms, and this financing ultimately results in the investments that drive long-term economic growth.

Martijn Boons

Martijn Boons teaches a variety of courses offered in the Bachelor’s program of Business Studies, the Finance Master’s program, and TiSEM’s pre-Master’s program. He also supervises some of TiSEM’s most talented PhD students and coordinates the Finance track of TiSEM’s Professional PhD program.

Professor Reyer Gerlagh, Vice-Dean for Research at TiSEM, welcomes Martijn Boons as a new professor at the School. “It is a great pleasure to see a strong department with support for its young researchers. Martijn helps us to maintain the top level for research and teaching in Finance.”

Martijn Boons PhD (1985) studied Finance at Tilburg University. He previously held an appointment at the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. His research has been presented in a large variety of invited seminars, academic conferences, and practitioner workshops all around the globe. His research has been published in top finance journals (such as Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Review of Finance) and he has received several grants from both public and private sector institutions.