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Paulina Snijders appointed Vice-President of the Executive Board

Press Release 14-12-2017 The Executive Board has appointed Paulina Snijders Vice-President and member of the Executive Board as of February 15, 2018. Snijders is currently Director of Control and Compliance at the Erasmus Medical Center and a member of the Supervisory Board of Bernhoven Hospital. As Vice-President of the Executive Board at Tilburg University she will be responsible for the Operational Management Portfolio.

The appointment was prompted by the fact that Tilburg University has grown substantially in the past few years, making a Board consisting of three members both desirable and necessary. Jan Hommen, Chairman of the Board of Governors: “Both the Board of Governors and the Executive Board are delighted that Paulina Snijders is joining us.  She combines a warm and open personality with a strong urge to excel. Her appointment ensures that supporting processes will continue to receive full attention at the level of the Board, including attention to long-term financial policy and risk management.” The reallocation of portfolios also creates room for the President of the Executive Board to expand and intensify relations with the outside world. Both developments are in line with the vision of the Board of Governors.

Paulina Snijders (1965, Etten-Leur) studied Public Administration at Twente University. She took a post-doctoral program in Public Controlling at VU Amsterdam, and acquired competence, for instance at INSEAD, in leadership and change management.

Snijders has been Director of Control and Compliance at the Erasmus Medical Center since 2015.  Before that she was affiliated to the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam as Director of Finance and Control. Previous employers include Twente University, the Court of Audits of the Netherlands, and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). In 2016, she joined the Supervisory Board of Bernhoven Hospital, where she is also Chair of the Audit Committee.

Paulina Snijders: “I am familiar with the academic world and I feel quite at home there. I am inspired by the enthusiasm of researchers and lecturers and by the interaction with students who are trying to get the best out of their program. I am looking forward contribute to the further development of operational management.”

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