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Stéphanie van Gulijk appointed as Professor of Private Law

Published: 01st February 2019 Last updated: 30th April 2019

Tilburg University has appointed Dr. Stéphanie van Gulijk as Professor of ‘Private Law, specific contracts’ at the Private Law Department of Tilburg Law School, effective February 1, 2018. Van Gulijk is specialized in specific contracts including those on services, construction, consumer sale, medical treatment and insurance.

Specific contracts are central in Private Law because they play a very important role in everyday life; the law and general terms and conditions contain specific provisions to protect more vulnerable parties to a contract. As part of her professorship, Van Gulijk will conduct comparative and interdisciplinary research in the field of specific contracts.

Van Gulijk concentrates, among other things, on the various duties of due care under specific contracts from a social network perspective, public-private collaboration in preventing construction defects in buildings, contract monitoring to protect personal data, and the impact of circular building in Private Law. Both the Dutch and the European legislator are very active in these fields. 

Professor Stéphanie van Gulijk (b. 1980) studied Dutch Law at Tilburg University. She began her academic career in 2003 as a researcher at the Study Group on a European Civil Code in a research project entitled ‘Principles of European Law, Service Contracts’. This formed the basis of a comparative law and legal economics study in 2008 that culminated in a PhD thesis entitled European Architect Law, Towards a New Design. She has since worked at Tilburg Law School, first as an assistant professor and later as an associate professor and, since January 2017, also as the chair of the Department of Private Law. In addition, Van Gulijk has worked at a Nijmegen law firm since 2009 and, since 2012, as an arbiter in out-of-court settlement of disputes in the field of contract law, in particular construction law.

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