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Tilburg Law School launches database on labor migration

Published: 08th February 2016 Last updated: 19th September 2022

PRESS RELEASE 8 February 2016 - What are the real consequences of European labor migration for the Dutch economy, labor market and social security system? A new database containing research papers and policy reports is now available and offers insights in a structured way.

The open source Database Labor Migration is part of the recently started INT-AR multidisciplinary research project into cross-border recruitment and labor migration in the European Union in particular. Accompanying papers describe the current state of affairs in the area of topical themes such as social security and free movement of workers in the EU, or who is viewed as a labor migrant and who is not. Jan Cremers of the Department of Labor Law and Social Policy at Tilburg University is in charge of the database project.

Database Labor Migration

At the moment the labor migration database contains around one hundred scientific publications and policy and advisory reports on cross-border labor migration over the last twenty years or so. Over the next few years significant efforts will be made to expand the database. All publications contain keywords and a short summary with the most important insights. The information is not only useful to scientists, but also to policymakers, politicians, employers and unions.

Research project

The INT-AR research project looks into the positive and negative consequences of the internationalization of the labor market for the Dutch economy, labor market and social security system. Researchers will also map how employer behavior influences internationalization, mainly through applying an international HR policy. The research is conducted in close collaboration with policymakers, employers, the temporary work agency sector and the trade union with financial backing from the Gak Institute (Joint Administration Office).

Note to editors

For more information please contact Jan Cremers at the Department of Labor Law and Social Policy (Tilburg Law School), tel. +31 (0)13-4668334, email J.M.B.Cremers@tilburguniversity.edu or email persvoorlichters@tilburguniversity.edu.