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Tilburg University launches Diggit Magazine

Published: 01st September 2016 Last updated: 30th April 2019

PRESS RELEASE 1 September 2016 - On September 1st the Department of Culture Studiess from Tilburg University has launched Diggit Magazine (, a unique platform for online academic news, information and reflection. It is also a new learning and knowledge tool that is integrally connected to the Bachelor Online Culture: Art, Media and Society and the Master programs in Cultures Studies of Tilburg University.

"This online magazine is a first in the Netherlands: it connects the academic and journalistic fields together. It provides a place for quality investigative journalism by students, researchers and teachers," says the editor-in-chief of  Diggit Magazine and lecturer Ico Maly (Tilburg University). “This new online medium is set up as a niche magazine: it focuses on issues related to (digital) culture, globalization and the arts.”

Diggit Magazine is more than just a magazine. "The launch of Diggit Magazine is interwoven with the new bachelor and master program Cultural Studies at Tilburg University," says head of department and Professor Odile Heynders. She emphasizes that "in the 21st century art, media, culture and societies in general cannot only be studied offline. We live our lives on- and offline and so should do our teaching and research."

New Learning Process

Students, researchers and faculty members of the Department of Culture Studies work together as a community. Theory and practice, online classes, and research workshops, are complemented with online collaboration and expert feedback. "First, students are made familiar with the publishing process, with blogging and the impact of digital media on cultural phenomena, and with their role as academics and intellectuals in society. Second, this magazine changes the relationship between teacher and student: Both are now engaged together in a new learning process," says Ico Maly.


Note for the press

For further information please contact Ico Maly (Diggit Magazine editor) 0032-498 11 32 36 and Odile Heynders, Head of Department Culture Studies,  tel. 013-4663131