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A single program for startups in Brabant

Published: 18th June 2018 Last updated: 01st May 2019

Press release - 18 June 2018. Startup companies in Brabant are getting a boost. The six Brabant institutions of higher education, the province of Noord-Brabant and all regional development initiatives are joining forces to support startups through a joint program called Braventure. The festive launch took place on Thursday, 21 June in the Van der Valk Hotel in Tilburg.

The partners in this one-of-a-kind program are: Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Avans University of Applied Sciences, NHTV Breda and HAS University of Applied Sciences, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), the West Brabant Development Agency (REWIN), Midpoint Brabant, Brainport Development, Agrifood Capital and NV BIM.

Braventure brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of ​​development and investment. The program will build on a track record of startup support in Brabant spanning more than 15 years. The new alliance offers Brabant startup companies financing, expertise, a tight-knit community and facilities in a single program, close to startups organized by all partners.

Koen Becking, President of the Executive Board of Tilburg University, is the Chair of the Brabant Startup Alliance. He had this to say: ‘Braventure is a true illustration of the kind of targeted collaboration that sets our province apart. The partners in the Brabant ecosystem have joined forces in Braventure to provide a one-stop-shop for startup companies in our region as a kick-starter to help them get off on the right foot as they travel the road to success.’

€10 million

In addition to guidance and support, Braventure also offers access to financing. One option is the new Brabant Startup Fund (BSF), established by the province of Noord-Brabant with €10 million to be used as loans for startup companies.

Profitable companies repay the fund at the end of the term. The fund can then reinvest in other startup companies. The fund focuses on the initial phase of entrepreneurship: cultivating ideas and establishing a new company. Thanks to the fund, Brabant is assured of a financing option for startups for the next fifteen years.

Bert Pauli, member of the Provincial Executive and responsible for the economy and international affairs, says, ‘Finding enough funding is one of the biggest challenges that starting entrepreneurs face. The province can help them by providing seed capital through the Brabant Startup Fund, enabling them to find the best way to market their products or expand their activities. We’re providing this support today to the big employers of tomorrow.’


A special exhibition will take place simultaneously with the launch. Thirty promising startup companies from all over the Brabant region will be on hand to give presentations. Bert Pauli and Koen Becking will conduct the official launch.

About the Brabant Startup Alliance

In recent years, support for startup companies in Brabant was provided by the three Valorization programs Starterslift, Brightmove and Ondernemerslift+. Financing was provided by the Province of Noord-Brabant and the national government.

This new alliance is coming into being just as the government subsidies are withdrawn. The partners in the Brabant Startup Alliance are ensuring the continuity of a long tradition of support for startup companies in Brabant while also intensifying it thanks to this comprehensive partnership. The goal is to accelerate promising, innovative, and knowledge-intensive startups on the road to success, based on the conviction that these companies will drive the economy of the future and generate lasting impact on the regional economy and employment.


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