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University Forum presents Student Centricity vision to Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts

Published: 05th July 2017 Last updated: 01st May 2019

Rector Magnificus praises student initiative
‘Understanding students, advancing university’ – that was the theme propagated by a delegation of students at a meeting in September on Tilburg University’s new Strategic Plan. Yesterday, representatives of University Forum (Tilburg University student participation) presented a memo to Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts setting out the Forum’s vision: ‘Towards a Student Centric University’.

“What Student Centricity signifies is that students’ interests should be at the heart of policy and decision-making processes. The question ‘What does it mean for students?’ should be part and parcel of every policy initiative and every educational development. Students should also be actively involved in decision-making processes,” said Thijs Kramer on behalf of University Forum.

University Forum distinguishes four main features of Student Centricity: service, decision-making, flexible studying, and education. Emile Aarts commends University Forum for its initiative and is sympathetic to its vision: “Even at this early state I’m happy to confirm that some elements of the Forum’s vision will be reflected in the upcoming Strategic Plan.” He is also very pleased with how students actively seek ways to contribute to shaping the University’s policy: “Our dialog has risen to a new level.”

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