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Three teachers receive prestigious Comenius grants

Published: 23rd April 2018 Last updated: 01st May 2019

NWO/NRO (Netherlands Initiative for Education Research) has awarded teachers Tessa Leesen of University College and Marie Postma of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences a Senior Fellowship. This was announced by NWO today. Earlier this month, a Comenius Teacher project initiated by Rob Jansen of the Tilburg School of Behavioral Sciences, in collaboration with Remco Mannak and John Goedee, was awarded a grant.

Senior Fellowships are bi-annual teaching innovation projects. Tessa Leesen and her team, consisting of David Janssens and Petra Heck, want to enhance students’ resilience by offering them tools to deal with failure. Marie Postma will help teachers and students of Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with the VR Learning Lab Leiden, to develop a number of virtual and augmented reality teaching applications. The objective is to help students of technical subjects to personalize their learning materials. The project takes place in the DAF Technology Lab and in MindLabs.

Jansen, Mannak, and Goedee were awarded an NWO/NRO grant to implement a teaching innovation in one year: a blended learning game. As part of this project, a simulation game will be made that helps Tilburg University students of Organization Sciences to develop their 21st-century skills with a view to their future careers.

The grants and fellowships enable professionals in higher education to implement their ideals and ideas in practice. By facilitating a wide range of educational innovations each year, the program contributes to the improvement of higher education in the Netherlands. Furthermore, by demonstrably valuing excellent and inspired teaching, the Ministry of Education is keen to contribute to more variety in the careers of teachers and researchers at research universities and universities of applied sciences.


For more information, check the site of NWO/NRO.