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Tilburg students apply their research skills working with Pride Amsterdam

Published: 16th June 2021 Last updated: 17th June 2021

Be who you are and love who you want: diversity and inclusion are of paramount importance to Pride Amsterdam. Students in the major Work and Organizational Psychology also delve into these themes: They worked on real-world assignments in the course “Diversity and Inclusion at Work” and connected with companies via the 'Master Challenge' platform. One such assignment saw a group of third-year students apply their skills in data collection and interviews by asking 45 Canal Parade participants about their perception of Pride Amsterdam. Lecturer and initiator Djurre Holtrop (TSB, Social Psychology): “This collaboration offers students the opportunity to put their research skills into practice on a real-world issue.”

Together with Michael Bender, Djurre Holtrop teaches the course 'diversity and inclusion at work' in the work and organizational psychology major. Within this course, they work together with Master Challenge, an organization that links teams of students to organizations with real consultancy issues. “Diversity and inclusion are high on the agenda of more and more CEOs,” says Djurre Holtrop. “It is important to have insight into the perception that different stakeholders have of your organization in this area. Thorough research adds value for organizations.”

“At the same time”, Michael Bender adds, “it is of great value for students to apply insights from the academic literature in practice. This way you learn to balance between theory and practice and you get to know yourself a little better. Especially when you work on a real life organization challenge, which is exactly what Masterchallenge offers. Given the theme, it is of course extra special that we were able to get started with Pride Amsterdam.”

Marc Bartels is Event Manager with Pride Amsterdam and guided the students during their task: “We find it important to continuously keep an eye on what is going on within the Pride community. Therefor we conduct research all the time. What was new for us was that this time we worked together with students from Tilburg University. The collaboration went smoothly. In three groups, the students interviewed about 45 boat participants from our Canal Parade. The results partly confirmed what we already knew, but we also gained a number of new insights on which we want to conduct follow-up research this fall.”

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Victoria Spitz took part in the project as a student: “I enjoyed interviewing the Canal Parade participants and hear their experiences and views on inclusion. Pride Amsterdam gave us a lot of freedom in designing and conducting the interviews and was open to the results, without pushing an agenda. In any case, as a bisexual woman, I think inclusion in the LGBTQI+ community is an important theme. Because even within this community there are misconceptions and discrimination against minority groups. What I take away from this project is the aim to listen carefully to everyone's opinion and experience, even if that is not in line with my own experiences. On that basis, you can look for a common ground in which everyone feels heard and represented."

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