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Privacy Statement Student Counselors

This privacy statement is explicitly aimed at the processing of students' personal data by the student counselors and contains information about how and which personal data are processed for the purpose of counseling
regarding their personal situation.

Before, during and after their study period at Tilburg University students can receive guidance from a mentor, program coordinator, dean of students, top-level sports coordinator, student psychologist, student chaplain, and career advisor.

The general Tilburg University privacy statement can be consulted on the webpage Tilburg University Privacy Statement.

Basis and purposes of the processing operations

Tilburg University attaches a great deal of value to the careful processing of personal data. Processing of personal data is necessary for Education, Research, and the supporting operational processes. The processing of students’ personal data by student counselors has a legal ground (the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act, HERA), and for other parts has a basis in contract law (study contract between student and Tilburg University), since students will generally request counseling themselves. If, during the counseling, students share special personal data with the counselor, the student will be asked for permission to process these special personal data in the student file. Of course, this data is well secured and only those employees for whom it is necessary to see the data have direct access to this data. The purpose of the processing of personal data by student counselors is to counsel the students and provide them with study advice.

Source of the personal data

The personal data of the students that are processed originate from the student him- or herself and/or third parties and were not known to the student counselors before the student submitted the application for enrollment and/or a request for counseling.

Category of personal data

The student counselors only process the personal data that is necessary to provide study counseling to the students in question. When applying for counseling, the student will be asked for his student number, name, and contact details (e-mail and/or telephone number). These personal data are processed by default by student counselors in order to be able to schedule an appointment. In addition, the special and sometimes sensitive personal data that the student provides during contact moments with the counselor will be processed, provided this is necessary for the counseling of the student in question.

The recipients of personal data

The student counselors only share the personal data of the students if this is necessary for counseling the student and/or for giving study advice or if the student has given explicit consent for this.

The storage periods of the personal data

The student counseling files are kept for 10 years. The 10-year storage period is linked to the DUO graduation period, which is set at 10 years. Student psychologists are subject to a statutory storage period of 20 years.

Students’ rights

Students have a number of rights with regard to their personal data: they have the right to access, rectification, restriction, erasure, data portability to a third party, object to the processing operations, and lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Officer and/or the Authority for Personal Data. More information about these rights can be found in the Tilburg University Privacy Statement.