Research Group Economics


This group is particularly active in the following five areas: (i) economic theory and game theory, (ii) industrial organization, (iii) health and labor economics, (iv) environmental economics, and (v) experimental economics. Many of the members of our group are active in more than one of these areas and there are no formal borders between them. The ambition of the group is to belong to the best in these areas.

This group is closely related to the Law and Economics Program.


This group aims to contribute to the scientific discussion and academic literature in the general area of macroeconomics at the highest possible level. Specifically, the macro research group aims to contribute to the several sub-disciplines within economics, including international economics and finance, financial and monetary economics, labor economics, public economics and finance, and environmental macroeconomics. The focus in the research group is both on theory and empirical work. Productive interaction and cooperation with other CentER research groups (in particular the Finance and Micro groups) is strongly encouraged.

Staff Members Economics
Students Economics
Extramural Fellows Economics

Education Coordinator Microeconomics:

  • Cedric Argenton

Education Coordinator Macroeconomics:

  • Burak Uras

Research Coordinators:

  • Sigrid Suetens
  • Harry Huizinga