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Education Bazaar


As a Tilburg University student, how can you prepare for the future? As a Tilburg University teacher, how can you put technology to better and smarter use? Will robots take over our jobs? Find out about this and more at the Education Bazaar, Tilburg University’s annual educational event connecting students and teachers. It is an informal platform to discover innovations together, identify best practices, and share knowledge and experiences.

Prepare for the future

This year’s theme is: Prepare for the future. The topics covered include sustainability, technology, innovation, digitalization, and internationalization. The program features a keynote speech by trend watcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk, who will be looking ahead to the future of education and the job market. In addition to there being an informal bazaar including lunch, visitors can choose between as many as 12 sessions and workshops. To round off the event, join a Taste of the Future, and connect with fellow students and teachers.

Read the report of Univers about the Education Bazaar 2017 (only in Dutch)

Program Education Bazaar 2019

The Education Bazaar is the educational event of the year for Tilburg University students and teachers.

Thursday, January 24 (lecture-free day)
10:30 – 16:00 hrs. (partial attendance is possible)
Participation is free

Please register via this online registration form.


Plenary part - 10:30 - 12:00

With an opening by Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts, the Teacher of the Year videos and the keynote by Richard Van Hooijdonk.

Teacher of the Year

The Teacher of the Year Election at Tilburg University originated as a celebration of education and serves to put excellent teachers in the spotlight. The teachers who participate in the university-wide Teacher of the Year Election are nominated by the various faculties. The teachers participating in this year's Teacher of the Year Election are the following:

  • Prof. Dr. Bart Vos from TiSEM
  • Dr. Michelle Nuijten from TSB
  • Prof. Dr. Juliette Schaafsma from TSHD
  • Prof. Dr. Morag Goodwin from TLS
  • Dr. Penelope Barter from TST

Lister to their short pitch, come to the Teacher of the Year nominees discussion (in the second round) and support your favorite teacher!

Organized by student party SAM since 2016.

Richard van Hooijdonk

Top speaker, trend watcher, and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk gives an inspiring lecture on the impact of new technologies on the way we live, work, and manage businesses. Thanks to his broad work experience, for instance as a teacher at Erasmus University and at Nyenrode Business University, he knows what is happening in companies, which he goes into in his lectures.

More than 420,000 people have attended his inspirational sessions, both at home and abroad. Richard appears on television on a regular basis, at BNN/VARA, AVRO/TROS, RTL News, and RTL Boulevard, and can be heard on BNR Business News Radio, where he hosted the show ‘Mindshift’. 

Bazaar & Lunch - 12:00 - 13:00

During the bazaar you walk past the stands of the different participants while enjoying lunch!

Parties involved: Tilburg Educational Profile, Sustainability, Academic Forum, Student Career Services, Teacher Development, EduiLab, Professional Learning, Student parties SAM en Front, Teacher-of-the-Year election, Canvas.

Presentations and Workshops round 1 - 13:00 - 13:45

There are separate sessions for teachers and students. You can recognize these in the program as marked with a T or an S. Of course, we will also be engaging in dialog with each other. These sessions are marked TS.

Online Testing (T)

Ank van de Wiel

Get acquainted with TestVision in CUBE. In this session you will get an explanation about the testing program TestVision and after that you get to work yourself!

The Resilience Project: Fail, Fail Again and Fail Better (ST)

Tessa Leesen and Ellen Dreezens

Interactive session on the Resilience Project. Of the students who drop out of their Bachelor's program early or incur study delay, many do so as a result of personal, psychological, or psychiatric problems. University College Tilburg is in the middle of shaping 'The Resilience Project'. It is aimed to realize ambitions by integrating an academic and interdisciplinary module on failure into the first-year curriculum of Liberal Arts and Sciences, by offering students resilience training and by organizing a so-called 'Failing Forward Event'.

Artificial Intelligence in Learning & Education (S)

More information forthcoming.

Discover Your Future, Your Career Starts Now! (S)

Student Career Services

For many of you, it might feel as a huge and maybe impossible challenge to accomplish your career aspirations, especially when it is not yet clear how our existing roles will change, which jobs will become obsolete and which new positions will be created. Trends show that in the future more and more people will be hired based on their talents instead of matching them to a certain position. Therefore, it is important to have good insights in your core qualities and how to use them for your transition to the labor market.

During this interactive session, provided by Student Career Services, you’ll discover your core qualities. At the end of this session, you can describe them and support them with a strong example, preparing you for future job interviews.

Innovation in Higher Education: Needed and Feasible! (T)

Philip Joos, Daan van Soest, Aswin van Oijen

Philip Joos, together with Lex Meijdam, is the author of the second essay in the 'Tilburg Academy and Education Series: Knowledge, Skills, Character’. This essay is central to this session, in which Philip Joos argues that the rapid change of the learning environment forces universities to innovate in education. He will share his thoughts on what universities can do to successfully meet this challenge. Daan van Soest will show how experimental methods can be applied to measure learning effects in innovation. Finally, Aswin van Oijen will talk about the role played by EDUiLAB in creating and maintaining an education innovation culture at Tilburg University.

The Start-up Way (ST)

Edward van der Pol

This session focuses on the policy of Tilburg University with regard to entrepreneurship as the spearhead of the policy, and with it the activation of start-ups and entrepreneurship in the region. Edward van de Pol is a quartermaster at Braventure and currently director Strategic Development Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University.

Getting to Know Canvas (T)

Henri Vermijs

Canvas, the successor of Blackboard, will be introduced campus-wide in 2019. This Learning Management System is easy to use, well-structured, and visually appealing. In addition, Canvas offers plenty of opportunities to simply teach in an innovative way now and in the future. In his workshop, Henri Vermijs will familiarize you with Canvas. Henri will not only address the basics of Canvas, he will also show what else Canvas has to offer. Of course, the recent experiences from the pilot and how they have formed the basis for the implementation plan for 2019 will be discussed.

Presentations and Workshops round 2 - 13:55 - 14:35

Robot Love (ST)

More information forthcoming.

Online Testing (T)

Ank van de Wiel

Get acquainted with TestVision in CUBE. In this session you will get an explanation about the testing program TestVision and after that you get to work yourself!

How Can You Contribute to Lifelong Learning? (ST)

Inge van Rijt

Knowledge and skills are the primary assets of our students and alumni but, in an ever changing world, these erode over time. Standing still is no longer an option. Lifelong learning is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity. In 2019, Tilburg University will formalize its efforts to educate professionals through Professional Learning.

Education Innovation at Tilburg University in 2020 and Beyond (ST)

Aswin van Oijen

Tilburg University is active in an environment in which students want to learn in different ways and where the technological facilities in the field of education are increasing. Education innovation is therefore crucial to remain relevant as an institution. In this workshop, we will explore with teachers and students what education innovation means for Tilburg University. What is innovation? What types of innovation should we give priority to? What are the conditions for successful innovation? The workshop will be led by Aswin van Oijen, the quarter maker of EDUiLAB, Tilburg University’s innovation and teaching hub.

Univers interviewed Aswin and asked him all about his view on education in the (near) future and about the new Education Innovation Lab. You can read the interview here (only in Dutch).

Teacher of the Year Nominees discussion (ST)

Debating club Cicero leads the program

Interaction and discussion between the five Nominees for the Teacher of the Year Award. This session is hosted by a member of Cicero, the Tilburg University debating club. Propositions are given and the nominees are asked to respond and discuss them.

This year's winner of the Tilburg University election will be selected by a panel, consisting of our Rector Magnificus, Emile Aarts; the winner of last year, Loes Keijzers; and two students. The winner will go to the national election where the national Teacher of the Year Award will be presented.

All You Need To Know About… Human vs. Artificial Intelligence (S)

Eric Postma

The recent hype around Artificial Intelligence tends to obscure what is really happening at the forefront of machine-learning research. Eric Postma, one of the leading researchers in this field, will explain the current developments and relate them to human intelligence. In this presentation, he will also outline what Artificial Intelligence can mean for university-wide educational programs. This event in the ‘All you need to know about …’ series is organized by Academic Forum.

How to Manage Group Work in Culturally Diverse Classrooms? (T)

Elif Durgel

This workshop focuses on how to successfully implement group work in culturally diverse classrooms. In this session, we will first share some tips to help teachers manage group work better in international classes and then apply these tips and pointers in a short group activity. Group work in culturally diverse classrooms helps local and international students interact with and learn from one another, and experience working together in international teams. However, without careful planning, group work can be challenging for both students and teachers.

Awards Ceremony and Taste the Future - 14:45 - 16:00

During this afternoon program the Tilburg University Teacher of the Year will be announced and you will have the possibility to 'Taste the Future' in various ways.



If you have questions concerning the organization of the Education bazaar, please contact

Teacher of the Year Election in cooperation with Student Party SAM