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Numerus Fixus: what, why, how?

What is Numerus Fixus?

Numerus Fixus programs are programs with a limited amount of seats available. The university will fill all availble seats with candidates who are found eligible and suitable for the course. There are only a few English-taught courses in the Netherlands which have Numerus Fixus status. Examples are Medicine, Physiotherapy and Dentistry, but also in some cases Business, Psychology, or Economics. Tilburg University has two Numerus Fixus programs: Economics and International Business Administration.

Why do I need to know whether my program has a Numerus Fixus?

It is important to know whether your program of interest has a Numerus Fixus, for the following reasons:

  • The government has decided that the application deadline for Numerus Fixus programs is January 15. This means that for Numerus Fixus programs, you have to be registered for that program in Studielink by January 15, or you cannot take part in the selection procedure.

  • Students are allowed to register for a maximum of 4 programs in Studielink, but only two of those can be Numerus Fixus programs. The most selective Numerus Fixus programs are medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene and physiotherapy. For these, students can only register for 1 program in Studielink.

How do I find out which programs in the Netherlands have Numerus Fixus?

Unfortunately, there is no list available which shows all Numerus Fixus programs in the Netherlands in English. However, it will be mentioned on the website of an institution whether a program is Numerus Fixus. You can also tell from the deadline: most programs with a January 15 deadline will be Numerus Fixus programs.


Applying for a Numerus Fixus program is not very different from applying to any other program at Tilburg University; we ask for similar documents and we use the same application system. The difference is in the selection procedure, and application deadline. To apply for a Numerus Fixus program at Tilburg University, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully read the instructions on the application page of the program of your choice (Economics or International Business Administration)
  2. Register for the program of your choice via Studielink, before the deadline of January 15.
    The deadline has passed, so if you have not registered in Studielink you cannot take part in the selection procedure.
  3. You apply for the program of your choice via MySAS, Tilburg University’s online application system, before the deadline of February 15

How does selection for a Numerus Fixus program work?

First, our admissions office will check whether you are eligible for entry into research university, so whether you have the right diploma. If this is the case, you can take part in the selection procedure.

Our selection board will review all candidates who applied for a Numerus Fixus program. The selection will be based on a combination of factors, including your grade list, CV, and motivation letter.


Out of all eligable candidates, we will create a ranking list. The highest position on the ranking list is number 1, so the closer your ranking number is to number 1, the greater the chance you have of being accepted.

  • For Economics there are 120 places
  • For International Business Administration there are 350 places.

Awarding places

The ranking list is released on April 15 via Studielink. If your ranking number is between 1-120 (Economics) or 1-350 (International Business Administration), you will receive an offer to join the program on this date. The offer will be sent to you by Studielink, via email. You will also receive an email with instructions from Tilburg University. You will have two weeks to accept or decline your offer.

Accepting your place

To accept the offer, you log in to studielink and accept your place digitally.

If you fall outside the range of the amount of places specified for your program, this means you are placed on a waiting list. This happens when your ranking number is higher than 350 (IBA) or 120 (Economics). As students decide to decline or accept their offer, more spaces may open up in the course of the following weeks. The closer you are to number 1, the greater your chances of receiving an offer after all. It is therefore essential to keep a close watch on your mailbox. We also advise you to log into Studielink from time to time, to check whether anything has changed.


Do you have any questions? Please contact our admissions officer for Economics or International Business Administration.

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