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When you apply for a Bachelor's program at Tilburg University, you can initially upload your documents online. Eventually though, you will be asked to send us certified or authenticated copies of your grade lists and diplomas by post. But what exactly is a 'certified copy'? And what do we mean when we ask for a ‘transcript of records’?

Certified copy

When you apply for admission, we need to know for sure that you have graduated from your high school or university. That is why we ask for a certified copy of your diploma and grade list.

A certified copy is a duplicate of the original diploma and grade list. It must be verified to be a true and faithful copy of the original by an authorized signatory such as a notary public.

You may have received such a certified copy from your school at graduation. It is a copy with the school’s official stamps and signatures on it. Please remember: if you make a copy of the certified copy, it is no longer a certified copy but a non-certified copy instead.

In most cases, the school where you received your diploma will be able to provide you with a certified copy of the documents. In other cases, for example if you live abroad or if your school does not exist anymore, a notary will be able to help you out.

We strongly recommend sending us your certified copies by courier or registered post to avoid loss or a delay.

Transcript of Records

A Transcript of Records - also known as a grade list - is a statement from your school or university which shows us the courses you have taken. In the Transcript of Records, you will find the name of the courses you have attended and the grade you received for that course. In the case of university Transcripts, the course codes and number of ECTS credits awarded are usually also mentioned.

Please note that if your transcript is not in German, English, French, or Dutch, we request an official and certified translation into one of these languages.