Bachelor Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence careers and subsequent Master's programs

During the Bachelor's program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, you develop knowledge and skills that allow you to work as a researcher, consultant or programmer. After graduation, you will have knowledge of programming, machine learning, and deep learning. You will be able to develop technological innovations that advance organizations and society. This Bachelor's program provides an extensive career perspective.

Possible jobs Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Most students choose to do a Master's program after obtaining their Bachelor's degree. Other students choose to directly start work after finishing their Bachelor's program.

What can you do with a Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence degree?

  • An Intelligent Software Developer develops and programs software. As a software developer, you focus on software that runs programs, websites and intelligent devices and machines. Modifying existing software can also be part of your job. 
  • An AI researcher conducts research on the ability of machines to demonstrate intelligent behavior. As a researcher, you aim to gain new insights to contribute to new and improved uses of artificial intelligence. You can work in (or for) sectors such as healthcare, education, the smart industry, or help combat cyber crime.
  • Machine Learning Engineer's job is to extract information from large amounts of data and turn it into strategies and models to optimize software.

Graduates found work at Microsoft, Incentro or Capgemini.

Subsequent Master's programs Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

After getting your Bachelor's degree, you could start looking for a job, but you will significantly improve your chances by doing a Master's program. Some graduates choose a Master's program at Tilburg University, others do a Master's program at another Dutch university or abroad. These are often Master's programs in the field of Artificial Intelligence or Data Science. 

With Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, you have a wide range of Tilburg University Master's programs to choose from. Some Master's programs require you to take certain courses during your Bachelor's program in order to be admitted. Make sure to check the application and admission page of the Master's program of your choice.

Examples of Master's programs at Tilburg University you have access to with your Bachelor's degree:

Students at their graduation ceremony

Career orientation

Student Career Services is happy to help you prepare for your career and supports your transition to the labor market. They are there for you from the moment you embark on your studies, until one year after your graduation.

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