Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

After your Bachelor's in BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

After finishing your bachelor’s you will be prepared to start your career. However, most students continue with a master’s degree before they enter the job market. Only after finishing your master’s, you will have the full academic education.

With the bachelor’s program of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence you can directly enter the following master's programs / tracks:

Do you want to pursue a master’s program in a different discipline? Then, you can use your minor in the third year to gain (a part of) the required knowledge. Therefore, it helps if you already start thinking about your master in the second year of your studies, to be able to choose the matching minor courses for the third year. Sometimes, still a pre-master is needed to be fully prepared for a different discipline. These could for example be: Data Science and Entrepreneurship or Marketing Analytics.

If you furthermore would like to pursue an academic career as researcher at the university or in the research business you can also choose the Research Master in Language & Communication.