Bachelor Economics

Economics careers and subsequent Master's programs

With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, you will qualify for a wide range of prestigious Master’s programs and jobs all over the world. The Bachelor's program trains you to become an economist, financial analyst or policy advisor. You will understand how people, companies and governments make choices (microeconomics) and the influence of those choices on the economy as a whole (macroeconomics).

Possible jobs Economics

Most students choose to do a Master's degree following their Bachelor's program. After you have completed a Master's program, you'll have a wide range of career options. Graduates found work at accountancy firms, insurance companies and in the banking world.  

What can you do with an Economics degree?

 Some examples of positions are:

  • As an economist, you will use analyses and create models to predict economic change. Your activities will be diverse and are dependent on the organization and the domain where you will work. Using trends and developments in the economy, you will advise companies and governments on economic policy. 
  • As a data analyst, you will collect, check and interpret data, which you will use to inform and support management decisions and strategy. You'll create models and reports to give meaning to data. 

Subsequent Master's programs Economics

After getting your Bachelor's degree, you could start looking for a job, but you will significantly improve your chances by doing a Master's program. With Economics, you have a wide range of Tilburg University Master's programs to choose from. Some Master's programs require you to take certain courses during your Bachelor's program or to follow a Pre-Master's program in order to be admitted. Make sure to check the application and admission page of the Master's program of your choice. With your Bachelor's degree, you will have access to the following Master's programs at Tilburg University:

Students at their graduation ceremony

Career orientation

Student Career Services is happy to help you prepare for your career and supports your transition to the labor market. They are there for you from the moment you embark on your studies, until one year after your graduation.

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