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In development: Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation program

Tilburg University is working on the development of a new Bachelor's program in the field of entrepreneurship and business innovation. Entrepreneurship is often characterized as the driver of economic growth and is identified as a key source of solutions for environmental and social problems. An entrepreneurial mindset is linked to innovation capabilities and entrepreneurs are seen as the change makers in society.

Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

A unique Bachelor's program in entrepreneurship: what to expect?

  • Immerse yourself in the core principles of entrepreneurship and business innovation through a unique and challenging experience.

  • Develop into an innovative entrepreneur or intrapreneur: get ready to start your own business or become the driving force of change within an existing company or corporation.

  • Experience a unique combination of academic knowledge and application in practice. While gaining knowledge and skills, you will also develop an entrepreneurial attitude.

  • Follow courses such as Entrepreneurial Business Finance, Business Models: Innovation & Experimentation, Microeconomics: Markets and Games and Entrepreneurial Marketing & Customer behavior and Entrepreneurship in Action.

  • Choose to specialize in one of three tracks in your final year:

    • New venture creation and growth; focus on setting up and growing your own business;

    • Social and Sustainability-led entrepreneurship; learn how to develop businesses with a social impact;

    • Corporate entrepreneurship; focus on learning how to become a change making innovator in existing businesses.
  • The program will be part of our Entrepreneurship College, which provides a unique immersive experience in which you can further develop your knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial attitude through extra-curricular activities, assignments, hackathons and a business accelerator, but also the opportunity to connect with businesses and start-ups.

This Bachelor’s program will be the only one of its kind in the Netherlands offered at Research University level.

Interested to find out more?

The program is not accredited* yet. We can keep you informed as soon as there is more information available about this program.

*For this program, a request for accreditation has been submitted to the NVAO: the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization. The NVAO will evaluate the program and determine whether to approve it for launch in 2019. An accreditation procedure takes six months at the very least, and it is not guaranteed beforehand whether a program will be approved. New programs can only be launched after they are evaluated, approved and recognized by the NVAO. More information can be found on the website

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