Bachelor Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

Extracurricular activities BSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

At Tilburg University, you can hone your skills through a range of extracurricular activities and by taking initiative yourself. We expect to see that especially the students of this program will be eager to complement their learning from courses with other exciting experiences.

Obviously, we expect some to start a business during their studies. That could be the typical student-run company or grow into a serious business. Several renown Dutch companies were started by students while enrolled at university: Exact Software, Coolblue and Randstad are nice examples. You can, also attend the annual The Next Web conference in Amsterdam or the Web Summit in Lisbon. You can attend (or co-organize) the Global Entrepreneurship Week @ Tilburg. Others gain work experience by freelancing for businesses or by seeking part-time employment for an entrepreneur.

Given the excellent public transportation in the Netherlands, it is easy to get around. Hence, you do not need to limit your scope to Tilburg. For example, next door in Eindhoven you find one of Europe’s prime tech-clusters with lots of activities year-round. You can, also become an active member in a study association ASSET, or a student-run organization such as ABC and Enactus. Of course, you could also create a new student-run organization . For example, to go and run the Great Wall Marathon with a group of fellow students through sponsorships from entrepreneurs and businesses. We cherish enterprising students who go that extra mile and will support them where possible.

Extracurricular Activities at Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

As a student of  the BSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation program you are not on your own, but a member of community. A community of like-minded people with a passion for business innovation and entrepreneurship that creates positive impact. Develop yourself outside of curricular work by:

  • Participating in international case competitions.
  • Participating in events hosted by study and  student organizations.
  • Building a network of scale-up entrepreneurs & investors.
  • Accepting a part-time job or a project assignments from a scale-up.
  • Shaping the entrepreneurship culture at Tilburg University:
    • Start-up your own business
    • Organize workshops and master classes for other students.
  • Joining a study association or student organization. A great way to meet like-minded students and make friends.  Asset | Strategy & Logistics for example, especially for students interested in the field of strategy, logistics, entrepreneurship and / or innovation.
  • Participating in one of the University’s programs of excellence.
Additional Courses & Workshops

Language vouchers & exchange opportunities

All bachelor students receive free language course vouchers worth a total of 12 ECTS. These vouchers allow you to attend language courses two language courses worth 6 ECTS each, or one language course worth 12 ECTS each at the Language Center. Courses include Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, English and Dutch. Your ability to speak another language will be invaluable on an international exchange semester - not to mention in any future career.

Career Services

A variety of courses and workshops are offered by the Student Desk and Career Services. Some of these are "How to find a job in The Netherlands (for non-Dutch students)", a LinkedIn workshop, an Intercultural Communication workshop, among others.

Culture & Sports

Symposia and debates

Studium Generale organizes symposia, debates and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social and ideological issues throughout the year.

Cultural associations and places

There are a number of cultural associatons and places dedicated to theater, drama, musical foundation. Furthermore, Tilburg University also provides spaces for performances and rehearsals, and it also provides a music room with a piano which can be freely used.


Tilburg University's Sports Centre has been ranked the best sport centre in The Netherlands by students. By paying a small fee , you have access to a wide range of sport activities such as aerobics and dance, boxing and martial arts, ball sports, water, snow and ice sports, amongst many others. You can also join a sports association and participate in competitions.

Student participation in decision-making

Tilburg University is home to every kind of society and association: student associations, unions, arts and culture clubs, sports clubs, student politics or philosophical societies, umbrella organisations, associations with specific objectives such as social services or book purchases. There are many ways and places in which you can become active; the following are some options:

Jobs, Internships & Volunteering Work

While it is important to note that Tilburg University does NOT assist students in finding jobs, students seeking work opportunities (part-time jobs, internships, entry-level jobs) could find the following information useful.

Please note: the number of jobs open to non-Dutch speaking students is limited.

Part-time jobs

Learn more about finding part-time work.

For non-EU citizens

Internships and entry-level jobs

Learn more about finding an internship during or after your studies.

Dutch-speaking students should also have a look at the following websites:

Are you...

  • A creative thinker and doer?

  • Ready for entrepreneurship?

  • Willing to make a positive contribution to economic growth, society or the environment?

Then Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation is the program for you!