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Program and courses BSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

Study Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation and become an academically trained entrepreneur or business innovator: ready to start your own business or to become a change maker within an existing organization.

Successful engaging in entrepreneurship and business innovation revolves about mindset, knowledge and skills. The program is designed to nurture that mindset, to acquire that knowledge, and to develop these skills. Enrolling requires you to be curious, critical and ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone. For example when actively reaching out to entrepreneurs and investors for one of the many assignments that you will have throughout the program.

Program Structure

  • Each year is divided in two semesters
  • Each semester has an study load of 30 ETC.
  • During the first four semesters you will follow
    • courses that introduce you to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and business innovation, as well as to functional domains of management that are instrumental to doing entrepreneurship and business innovation;
    • a sequel of  Entrepreneurship in Action (EiA), course will allow you to learn by doing (and by reflecting on that doing);
    • a sequel of skill labs in which will hone your personal effectiveness as a student and future professional.
    • Each semester has an equal study load of 30 ETC.
  • In the first semester of the third year you can:
    • go abroad to study at another university, OR
    • do a 30 ECTS minor at another university in the Netherlands, OR
    • do a 18 ECTS minor at Tilburg University (that does not overlap with the E&BI program) and two free electives.
  • In your final semester you choose a program elective, a specialization course, you will follow a course on philosophy, and you will work on your graduation project.

Program content

Year 1 Content
Year 2 Content
Year 3 Content

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Please Note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in Osiris Student at the start of the year.

Why study Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation in Tilburg?

  • It is the only program offered by a Research University in the Netherlands, and one of a few in Europe.
  • You will acquire a strong academic foundation: in entrepreneurship, business innovation, mathematics, accounting, statistics, law, economics, ethics, finance, and marketing.
  • You will develop into an change maker: get ready to start your own business or become the driving force of business innovation within an existing company.
  • The program matches courses that transfer rigorous academic insight and understanding with action oriented Entrepreneurship in Action (EiA) courses in which will learn to do business innovation and entrepreneurship by doing it. The sequel of EiA  courses runs throughout your entire bachelor program.
  • The program is taught by a team of passionate educators. All of them are qualified academic.  Most are active researchers are eager to understand and inform entrepreneurship and innovation practice. All are exposed to the realities of business and innovation through research, co-teaching with entrepreneurs, business innovators, and investors, and/or through consulting assignments from entrepreneurs and businesses.  Some have started one or multiple businesses, and/or have been instrumental to make business innovation happen.
  • The diversity of the student body will be part of our entrepreneurship ecosystem, which provides a unique is mirrored in the team of educators. We come from the Netherlands, Belgium, India, Bulgaria, the USA and several other countries. Most of us have taught courses at the under graduate, graduate and post graduate levels at research universities in multiple countries. We are well connected to the field and use our network to invite entrepreneurs, investors and corporate business innovators to co-teach classes and to give feedback on student projects.
  • You will learn through reflection: how to best apply scientific insights and skills to play your role in doing good. Tilburg Alumni contribute to society and are (pro) active and ethical global citizens.

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Are you...

  • A creative thinker and doer?

  • Ready for entrepreneurship?

  • Willing to make a positive contribution to economic growth, society or the environment?

Then Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation is the program for you!