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Global Law LLB

3 years English Starts end of August

Learn to look beyond borders and the limits of a single judicial system. Compare legal problems and solutions from a variety of jurisdictions by combining different legal systems. Tackle global legal challenges and situate the law in a broader social and economic context. With the LLB Global Law, you become the linking pin in cross-border cases involving various players, such as governments, organizations, banks and NGOs.

Year Fast Track possibility

in the Netherlands 

(Keuzegids Universiteiten 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024)

worldwide and #2 in the Netherlands in Law

Short overview of Global Law

  • The unique program goes beyond knowledge of a single jurisdiction or discipline to understand and work with legal systems at domestic, transnational, and international levels.
  • Place law in the context of wider changes, including globalization, digitalization, and decolonization. Learn to deal with real-world complex legal problems that are multi-jurisdictional and multi-issue, and involve a variety of actors.
  • Get the tools and skills to take an informed position, speak with confidence and write effectively about complex global matters.
Program and courses

Program content

Global Law offers a solid foundation in legal training: the program covers all topics traditionally found in legal education, such as contract law, tort law, criminal law, administrative law, property law, and constitutional law. This program takes the study of law beyond the limits of a single judicial system and investigates legal solutions from a variety of jurisdictions and systems. 

  • During the first year you will become familiar with the law through courses such as History of International Law and Global Legal History. The first year also incorporates a strong interdisciplinary component, which helps you to develop the skills needed to collaborate with experts from other, non-legal disciplines, such as economists and sociologists.
  • From the second year on, the program shifts its focus: from interdisciplinary courses you will move over to strong legal courses. You really delve into law. At the same time, the program will keep its unique trans-national perspective.
  • The third year is the time to complete your program and to get ready for graduation. You will have the opportunity to go on exchange in the first semester, but you can also stay in Tilburg and choose between different minors. Additionally, you will write your thesis during your last semester.

Typical courses are:

  • Business for Lawyers
    Relate to and apply the knowledge on relevant economic theories, in particular with respect to the role of information, in understanding and analyzing the market and contractual mechanisms in conducting mergers and acquisitions.
  • Law, Technology and Society
    This course provides an introduction to the role of law with regard to ICT and biotechnology, and also a panorama of the many challenges that lawmakers face in today's technology-pervaded world. 
  • Obligations and Contract Law 
    Learn all about the basic rules and principles of contract law and the different stages of life of contract.   

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Beyond your Bachelor's: Extracurricular Activities

Beyond your Bachelor's: Extracurricular Activities

  • Join one of our student organizations. A great way to meet like-minded students and make friends.
  • Challenge yourself by participating in one of the programs of excellence.
  • Students are encouraged to be active in extracurricular activities: in the IE University Comparitive Law in Action Competion students were asked to think outside the box for a multi-dimensional crisis. With successful outcome: the students of Global Law won the competition of 2021.

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After your Bachelor's

Careers and subsequent Master’s programs

After obtaining your Bachelor's degree in Global Law, you can choose to do a Master's program. After you've completed a Master's program, you'll have favorable career prospects as a legal counsel or compliance analyst.

Graduates found work at Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte (international law firm in Vienna), Accenture, Reynen Court LLC, Simmons & Simmens and KPMG.

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Application and admission

Please follow the national application and admission procedure (in Dutch) if you are applying based on a Dutch vwo or hbo-p diploma, regardless of your nationality. A general description of the national application procedure is also available in English.

Admission requirements

  • To be eligible for admission to a research university such as Tilburg University, you must have a high school diploma equal to the highest level of secondary education in the Netherlands (the Dutch vwo diploma).
  • As this Bachelor’s program is taught entirely in English, you must prove your English language proficiency
  • If you already have a Bachelor's or Master's degree from an academic institution of higher education, you may be eligible for the fast trackstarting in year 2.

You can find more detailed information about the admission requirements on this program's 'Application and admission' page.

Go to application and admission

Tuition fees and monthly cost of living

Tuition fees for international students

When you wish to study at Tilburg University, you must pay a tuition fee.

  • Tuition fees cover the cost of lectures and facilities provided by the university, such as the extensive university library, Wi-Fi on campus, and symposia and other meetings.
  • Tuition fees at Tilburg University are always for one full academic year.

More information on the tuition fees and rates 

Note that all fees are subject to change. Exceptions might apply depending on your personal situation.

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  • Hailey


    Bachelor's student

    "This degree has allowed me to think like a Global Lawyer by exploring the interconnectedness of our world, challenging global issues head-on, and navigating the dynamic landscape of transnational legal systems to drive meaningful change beyond borders."

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  • Anas A. Qazi


    Bachelor's student

    “Anyone can read a law book, but that does not make you a good lawyer. It is about developing personal skills and social responsibility, learning to work together as well as to work independently, to communicate, and to foster leadership skills."

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  • Global Law student Omer Ahmed Hamed


    Bachelor's student

    "Tilburg University is everything I looked for in a university experience. Global Law in particular is a unique, challenging course that has helped me define my future in law."

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