Global Law

Career perspectives after LLB Global Law

Most of our students continue towards a Master's program after completing their Bachelor’s degree in Global Law. In this way, you will become a well-rounded legal advisor. With a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB Global Law), you can apply for jobs in international organizations or in the public sector, or you can continue in academia. In addition, you can acquire access to the traditional legal professions.

Perfectly prepared for careers in trans-national legal settings

Global Law graduates are perfectly prepared for careers in trans-national legal settings. What does that mean? Imagine a large international company such as Google or ASML. These companies have legal departments with specialists from all over the world. What they are lacking, however, is someone with the skills of a global lawyer, who is able to tie these different legal systems together.

Become the linking pin

The program has a number of interdisciplinary components. These components prepare you to become a key figure in an international organization, for example as the linking pin between the legal and the marketing departments, accounting or development experts. These skills are vital in other organizations as well, both governmental and non-governmental.

Two paths for a legal career

The Bachelor’s program in Global Law has been designed to offer a range of different career options in the legal field. In general, two prominent career paths can be distinguished:

  1. The first path leads towards the traditional legal professions.
    Each country has specific requirements for people who wish to work in the traditional legal professions.
    • Tilburg Law School offers several courses on top of Global Law that, together with a Master’s program in Law, allow you to enter the legal professions in the Netherlands.
    • In addition, there are options to get access to legal professions in England, Wales and the United States of America.
  2. The second path leads towards becoming a lawyer in an organization or company.

Below, you will find what these paths entail

1. The traditional legal professions: the Netherlands, England and Wales, the U.S.
2. Leading positions in the international job market