Global Law

After your LLB in Global Law

After completing your Bachelor’s degree in Global Law, you will be qualified to continue towards a Master's degree before starting your career. In this way, you will become a well-rounded legal advisor. Tilburg Law School offers several Master's programs that match the Bachelor’s in Global Law, such as the Master's program in International Business Law, or the Master’s programs in European Law and Global Risk or International Law and Global Governance.

After Global Law, you will have direct access to the following Master’s programs at Tilburg Law School:

You can also complete your legal training with a high-quality program at a different university in the Netherlands or abroad. You could, for example, complete your legal training in the United Kingdom or the United States. In this way you can further specialize in your field of study, improve your CV, or even gain access to the traditional legal professions abroad. You can read more about this on the careers page.