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Curriculum of LLB Global Law

Global Law is a program with a mix of core law courses, and courses from different disciplines. We offer this broad curriculum so that you are well prepared for a future in a company or organization. The interdisciplinary approach helps you to develop the skills needed to collaborate with experts from other, non-legal disciplines.

What also sets Global Law apart from other legal programs is the approach we take within courses. At first glance, the courses offered may look like any other law program. However, within each course, Global Law takes a unique transnational approach by studying different legal systems.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for legal work in settings where multiple legal settings come together.

On this page, you can review the entire curriculum. For many courses, you can click through to the online course guide, where you can read more about the course.

Are you a fast track candidate? It depends on when you start the program, which curriculum you will take part in. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a full overview.

First year

During the first year of the program, you will become familiar with law through courses such as History of International Law and Tort Law. The first year also has an interdisciplinary component, which helps you to develop the skills needed to collaborate with experts from other, non-legal disciplines. Examples are Business for Lawyers and Linguistic and Argumentation Skills.

Second year

The second year builds on the first year: you will expand your legal knowledge with courses such as Public International Law and Criminal Law. In addition, you will take courses to expand your horizons into non-legal disciplines: Criminology and Criminal Justice and Law, Technology and Society.

Third year

The third and final year of Global Law is the time to finish your program and to get ready for graduation. In the first semester, you can choose between three minors: you will have the opportunity to go on exchange, but you can also stay in Tilburg and take the courses offered here. The Minor in Law and Business prepares you for an international legal career in a company or organization. If you speak Dutch and want to gain access to the traditional Dutch legal professions, you can choose the Minor in Dutch Law (please note that in order to obtain civiel effect, it is necessary to complete a Master in Dutch Law as well!). In the final semester, you will write your final essay.

Semester 1 (September - January)
Semester 2 (January - June)

Fast track

If you have a previous Bachelor's degree of academic level in a different field of study, you can apply for the fast track. Fast track candidates are exempted from 60 ECTS of courses in the program. You have to be selected for the fast track by a committee.

Fast track candidates will follow a selection of courses, which altogether are 120 ECTS, over the span of two years. Courses within the new curriculum which are part of the fast track are indicated with *.