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Why study LLB Global Law in Tilburg?

As an international professional, you are needed in this globalizing world. Deals between companies from all over the world are made every day. Governmental institutions are increasingly confronted with the influence of international jurisdictions and rules. This requires lawyers who are able to deal with the range of legal implications that arise. With the LLB Global Law, you will be fully prepared for a key position in this international environment.

In for a challenge?

This challenging program is taught by leading researchers at one of the largest research schools in law in the Netherlands. A limited number of students is admitted each year to this program. This means you will work together with ambitious students who are keenly interested and work hard.

The program has a strong interdisciplinary component, which allows you to integrate knowledge from different fields of study, such as economics and sociology, and see the bigger picture. You will study law from a transnational perspective in order to oversee legal issues in a way that is not limited to one legal system only. Moreover, by combining skills and knowledge from different disciplines, you will have a unique positioning in the job market.

If you are not afraid of an intellectual and personal challenge, and if you have what it takes to become a transnational lawyer, then this is the program for you.

Regular or fast track

The Bachelor’s program in Global Law offers a three-year legal education which will result in a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB). If you hold a previous degree, you may be exempted from courses offered in the first year. In this way, you can obtain your degree in two years’ time rather than three.

Entry with a high school diploma (regular track)
Graduate entry (fast track)