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After your Bachelor's in Global Management of Social Issues

With this Bachelor’s degree you can apply for admission to a Master's program at Tilburg University or any other major research university in the Netherlands or abroad.

The BSc in Global Management of Social Issues provides direct admission to the following Master’s programs at Tilburg University.

MSc in Global Management of Social Issues

The new Master’s program in Global Management of Social Issues combines human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology to address complex societal challenges from a cross-cultural and international comparative perspective.

MSc in Organization Studies

The Master's program in Organization Studies provides you with a critical understanding of how organizations and people within these organizations behave. It is designed for those seeking a sound theoretical basis in organization studies, and a deeper level of understanding of how organizations deal with complexities and dynamics. It offers an advanced level of study in which you will acquire transferable skills that will facilitate employment in a great variety of organizations.

MSc in Human Resource Studies

Many organizations subscribe to the notion that people are their main assets. Huge amounts of time, money, and effort are spent on people management and employee development. All this is done to improve individual and, ultimately, organizational performance. The Master's program in Human Resource Studies provides you with a critical understanding of the importance of people for the performance of organizations.

MSc in Sociology

The Master's program in Sociology focuses on the analysis of problems of social cohesion, such as crime, social contacts, and solidarity. Social problems and issues are translated into sociological research questions, which you will analyze with the aid of theories and advanced research methods. You will also learn how policy solutions can be derived from results of sociological analyses, and how to evaluate policy.

Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Research Master's program in Social and Behavioral Sciences is unique in the Netherlands. It offers an interdisciplinary approach by integrating social psychology, sociology, organizational sciences, and methodology, in order to study human social behavior. You will be involved in hands-on research projects and innovative research areas, and you will be offered a chance to take an internship.

MSc in Strategic Management (after a six-month pre-Master's program)

The Master's program in Strategic Management provides you with the business acumen that is needed to make and implement the vital decisions facing every organization. You will learn what it takes to design and implement strategies that are aimed at sustainable advantage, which is where financial and psychological issues come into play. You will also learn to understand the real drivers of business performance, and how to select and apply solution-focused concepts, tools, and models to emerging strategic issues.

MSc Public Governance

The Master's program in Public Governance prepares you for a leading position in the public sector all around the world. Built on a governance, legal and economic foundation, you will be trained in building innovative strategies to tackle today's protean problems and prepared for facing the challenges of tomorrow.

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