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Curriculum of BSc Global Management of Social Issues

Global Management of Social Issues is a three-year Bachelor’s program. It is divided into 12 blocks, spread over 6 semesters. Each block requires 12-16 ECTS credits worth of courses, usually three courses of 5 or 6 ECTS each. This will lead to a total of 180 ECTS and an internationally­ recognized Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from Tilburg University.

First year

The first year is an interdisciplinary year, in which you gain insights into three different disciplines within the social sciences: human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology. In addition, these first-year disciplines will help you develop an initial understanding of the backgrounds, nature and causes of wicked problems.

Associate Professor Caroline Dewilde

"In the course Wicked Problems 101 you will learn about different aspects of wicked problems and why they are so difficult to deal with. We will especially look at poverty and inequality as a wicked problem from different perspectives in the social sciences and philosophy."

Second year

From the second year on, you will increase your knowledge of and insights in theories dealing with complex societal and organizational problems in general and wicked problems in particular.

Course ECTS
International Organizations 2 time 3 = 6 ECTS
Strategic HRM 6 ECTS
Qualitative Research Methods for International Students 6 ECTS
Causal Analysis Techniques for International Students 6 ECTS
Organization Theory 6 ECTS
Construction and Analysis of Questionnaires for International Students 6 ECTS
Advanced Project Management 6 ECTS
Organizational Development 6 ECTS
Research Practicum Wicked problems 201 6 ECTS
Wicked problems 202: Developing theoretical insights 5 ECTS

Third year

The main goal of the third year is the practical integration of the acquired knowledge and insights. You can accomplish this through an internship at a national or international organization, through a project that deals with wicked problems, by taking additional minor courses, or by studying your minor abroad. You will finish your program with a Bachelor’s thesis.

Course ECTS
We also have an overview of courses per block available.   
Studying Abroad or Internship or Minor specialization 30 ECTS
Cross Cultural HRM 6 ECTS
Wicked problems 301: Intervention Theories & Tools 6 ECTS
Wicked Problems 302: Philosophical Reflections 6 ECTS
Bachelor thesis: Wicked problems 303 12 ECTS