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Global Management of Social Issues careers and subsequent Master's programs

During the Bachelor's program Global Management of Social Issues, you focus on managing and organizing people and teams that deal with 'wicked problems'. After graduation, you can deal with ‘wicked problems’ while taking different cultures in consideration. You know what the organizational solutions are to solve these problems. With the Bachelor's program you have extensive career opportunities, depending on your interests and specialization.

Possible jobs Global Management of Social Issues

Most students choose to do a Master's program after obtaining their Bachelor's degree. With Global Management of Social Issues, you're prepared for an international career abroad or at an international organization in your home country. You could find work as a consultant or a human resource manager in an international organization, creating the most competent teams to solve complex problems. You could also work at a fund-raiser or introduce sustainable practices in supply chains. 

What can you do with a Global Management of Social Issues degree?

  • As an impact consultant, you support companies in minimizing negative, and maximizing positive impact on people and the environment. With your knowledge about sustainability and sustainable development goals, you can help organizations draw up and measure sustainability and impact strategies. You could work for international companies, from multinationals and social impact companies, to non-profit organizations and the public sector. 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) officer formulates the corporate social responsibility policy, spread it, and support management in implementing it. You ensure that the company focuses on improving the environment, creating better working conditions for employees or publicly supporting a good cause. 

  • As a Social Entrepreneur, you are mainly concerned with creating a social impact, such as working on sustainability and social development. You look beyond profit, and are aware of your action's consequences on a social level. 

Graduates found work at Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace, the Red Cross, Philips, KLM, Rabobank, Ahold, PwC, and Unicef.

Subsequent Master's programs Global Management of Social Issues

After getting your Bachelor's degree, you could start looking for a job, but you will significantly improve your chances by doing a Master's program. With Global Management of Social Issues, you have a wide range of Tilburg University Master's programs to choose from. Some Master's programs require you to take certain courses during your Bachelor's program in order to be admitted. Make sure to check the application and admission page of the Master's program of your choice. With your Bachelor's degree, you will have access to the following Master's programs at Tilburg University:

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Career orientation

Student Career Services is happy to help you prepare for your career and supports your transition to the labor market. They are there for you from the moment you embark on your studies, until one year after your graduation.

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