Bachelor Human Resource Studies: People Management

Human Resource Studies: People Management BSc

3 years English Starts end of August

In this program, you will focus on the performance and efficiency of organizations as well as the well-being of their employees. The Bachelor of Human Resources Studies: People Management explores the human side of business (people management). People, work, and management issues are approached from different disciplinary perspectives: psychology, sociology, economics, and management studies.

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Short overview of BSc Human Resource Studies: People Management

Program and courses

Program content

Human Resource Studies: People Management has an international orientation, with an emphasis on the European context. This is reflected in the choice and content of the cases that you will study during the courses. The program has strong links with large international companies and offers relevant interactions between academic approaches and real-world problems. You will be trained to take evidence-based management decisions.

  • In the first year of your Bachelor's program, you will learn the basic concepts and ideas of psychology, sociology, economics, and management studies. At the end of the year, you will begin to apply these disciplinary perspectives to analyze issues related to work, organization, and people management.
  • During the second year,  you will learn how to combine disciplinary insights and how to apply these insights to real-world people management problems. You will also learn to formulate evidence-based management interventions.
  • In the third year of the program, you will perform scientific research on a people management-related topic. You will be expected to use the theoretical knowledge you have acquired earlier in the program to conduct original scientific research. You will conclude the program with a Bachelor’s thesis.

Human Resource Studies: People Management in a nutshell - video (2:52 min)

Typical courses are:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
    Research shows a positive relationship between effective Human Resource Management and organizational performance. However, there are several challenges that require our attention to really understand the nature of the relationship between HRM and organizational performance. For example, what is the role of line managers in executing HRM and what are the payoffs between organizational performance and employee wellbeing?
  • Work and Health Psychology
    This course focuses on the structure and regulation of individual work well-being and performance. Topics that are studied in work psychology relate to the level and type of workload (job demands), the resources in the job, and the role of individual differences in this context.
  • Talent Management
    The course Talent Management addresses the most important organizational decisions of people management: the hiring, the development, and the careers of employees. It focuses, among other things, on inclusive and exclusive definitions of talent, and on instruments to assess the quality of people and their work.

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Why this Bachelor's program in Tilburg?

Study Human Resource Studies: People Management in Tilburg

  • Study people management and organizational problems in an international classroom, with a European focus and from the four disciplines of psychology, sociology, economics and management studies, making this program unique in Europe
  • Focus on social sciences and organizational issues, while also acquiring HR analytics skills, which are important in the current field of Human Resource Management.
  • Use your curriculum choices and mobility window to prepare for a Master’s program of your choice in one of the supporting disciplines and multidisciplinary programs.
  • Benefit from an interactive learning environment in a small-scale international classroom and personal guidance and coaching from an academic mentor who will support you throughout your study trajectory and help you achieve your full potential. Watch a short video about our Program for Academic Study Success (PASS), designed to support you during your studies (video - 2:21 min).

What to expect when coming to Tilburg

Beyond your Bachelor's: Extracurricular Activities

Beyond your Bachelor: Extracurricular Activities

  • Join the student organization: Input & Output. A great way to meet like-minded students and make friends.
  • Join Faculty Association IDEA.
  • Challenge yourself by participating in one of the programs of excellence.

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After your Bachelor's

Careers and subsequent Master’s programs

After obtaining your Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Studies: People Management, you can choose to do a Master's program. After you have completed a Master's program, you will have favorable career prospects as a HR specialist or policy advisor.

Graduates found work at Rabobank, Philips, DHL, Capgemini, Deloitte, ASML, and Ahold N.V.

Discover what you can do after your Bachelor’s

Application and admission

Please follow the national application and admission procedure (in Dutch) if you are applying based on a Dutch vwo or hbo-p diploma, regardless of your nationality. A general description of the national application procedure is also available in English.

Admission requirements

  • To be eligible for admission to a research university such as Tilburg University, you must have a high school diploma equal to the highest level of secondary education in the Netherlands (the Dutch vwo diploma).
  • As this Bachelor’s program is taught entirely in English, you must prove your English language proficiency
  • A good knowledge of mathematics is important for being successful in this Bachelor’s program. In order to be admitted, you must therefore prove that you have sufficient knowledge of mathematics.

You can find more detailed information about the admission requirements on this program's 'Application and admission' page.

Go to application and admission

Tuition fees and monthly cost of living

Tuition fees

When you wish to study at Tilburg University, you must pay a tuition fee.

  • Tuition fees cover the cost of lectures and facilities provided by the university, such as the extensive university library, Wi-Fi on campus, and symposia and other meetings.
  • Tuition fees at Tilburg University are always for one full academic year.

More information on the tuition fees and rates

Estimated monthly costs of living

Besides the tuition fees, you will have living costs and other expenses. You will find life in Tilburg relatively inexpensive compared to life in other Dutch university cities, such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. The approximate cost of living is between € 925 and € 1.125 per month.

(Furnished) accommodation Starting from € 550 per month
Foods & Drinks € 200 per month
Books & Readers € 65 per month
Insurance € 100 per month
Sport membership + € 139.95 per year
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  • Annika Klingner


    Bachelor's student

    "The program combines many different interdependent fields, with opportunities to shape my own path, and to explore various ways of doing practical a theoretical research. The international environment provides a lot of perspectives and strategies!"

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  • Lara


    Bachelor's student

    "The program - filled with teamwork and international experience - helped me think outside the box by applying psychological theories in the business environment to enhance satisfaction and performance."

  • Mia Koeva


    Bachelor's student

    "The program equips me with the right set of skills for playing an active role in modern society and acting as a credible activist and a 21st century HRS professional."

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Are you and Human Resource Studies: People Management a match? If you..

  • like a program with a clear focus on the area of Human Resource Management, work and personnel

  • are interested in understanding contemporary people, work and management issues from multiple perspectives, like psychology and sociology

  • want to be an HR Advisor to managers who want to improve the performance of their organization and the well-being of their workers

Then this is the program for you!