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Career perspective after BSc Human Resource Studies: People Management

A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Studies: People Management qualifies you for junior HR positions, such as management trainee, junior policy advisor and recruiter. These positions can be found in various types of companies and agencies, including multinational corporations, hospitals, government, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

At a later stage in your career, you will grow into more strategic roles, such as HR Manager, HR Specialist, consultant, senior policy advisor or researcher. 

Subsequent Master’s programs in Human Resource Studies: People Management

Following your Bachelor's program, you can also continue towards a Master's degree. The curriculum choices and mobility window enable you to prepare for the Master’s program of your choice, such as:

If you wish to continue with a Psychology Master’s program, you are required to take several Psychology courses (see the program website for the list of courses) or do an individual Pre-Master’s program: