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Why study BSc Human Resource Studies: People Management in Tilburg?

Learn to see from different perspectives

Tilburg University offers you the opportunity to study the relationship between employer and employee from different perspectives. Disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics and management studies help to understand the viewpoints of the employee, the organization and society.

Effectively learn to implement HRM policies

Tilburg University gives you the chance to learn how research can contribute to the effectiveness of HRM for organizations and employees. With the help of scientific insight, you will learn to formulate answers to questions such as: What selection methods have proven to select the most suitable candidate for a job? What aspects of a function makes work attractive? What is a fair and effective reward for skilled work?

Understand the international context

The program at Tilburg University has an international orientation with an emphasis on the European context. This is reflected in the choice and content of the cases that will be used in the courses. However, as large differences between European countries exist, these differences and the consequences for people management will be studied as well.

Get some practical research skills

Tilburg University will give you a thorough introduction to the basics of methods and statistics and will also help you acquire HR analytics skills, which are important in the current field of Human Resource Management.

Shape your own future

Tilburg University allows you to make curriculum choices during the mobility window. This will help you prepare for your future career as an HR professional or for a Master’s program of your choice in one of the supporting disciplines and multidisciplinary programs.