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The switch from secondary education to university can be quite big. You are expected to be more independent and to have more self-discipline. Therefore, we believe it’s important to give you a helping hand during your entire study program.

When you are admitted to the Bachelor's program in International Sociology, you will be assigned a lecturer who will be your study mentor. Throughout your studies, you will have a number of conversations with him or her about your study progress, interests, ambitions and career opportunities. In this way, you can make an even bigger success of your studies.

Additionally, you can always make an appointment with the academic advisor, dean of students, or student psychologist. For more information about student guidance, please navigate to:

Studying in special circumstances

Nearly 700 Tilburg University students have a disability or chronic illness that impairs them in their studies. Sometimes this is clearly visible, for example when someone is blind or in a wheelchair. In most other cases, however, the disability is not visible, such as in the case of dyslexia, epilepsy or mental illness.

If you have a disability, we will support you with a number of special arrangements and specialized facilities.

If you are a top-level athlete, the university offers additional tutoring and, if required, financial assistance when top-level sports activities cause delays in your study progress.

Binding study advice

In order to make sure that you can follow your academic program with good and motivated students, the university applies a binding study advice (BSA). This means that at the end of the first year, all students will receive an advice based upon their study progress about whether or not to continue their studies.

If you have successfully completed at least 70% of the first-year courses (42 ECTS), you may start with your second year. If you have earned less than 42 ECTS and no special circumstances apply, you may not continue your studies. In addition, you may not apply for the same program for a period of three years.

In case of a negative advice, you will receive help in finding another, suitable study program.

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