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Social risks in a changing world

What are the social consequences of globalization? And what does this mean for social risks such as poverty and inequality?

Since the twentieth century, we have dealt with various risks associated with welfare. Think, for example, of the fulfilment of basic needs, eliminating poverty, and realizing life chances. These risks were socially and collectively covered by the industrialized nation-states in the form of the modern welfare state.

Since the 1970s, however, the modern welfare state has come under pressure from increasing globalization. Old social risks, such as retirement, illness and unemployment, change, whereas new social risks, such as the working poor, low literacy, and the combined pressure of work and family life, appear.

In this major, you will study the transformations of social risks by focusing on economic, social and political globalization. Economic globalization is related to the integration of national economies in ‘global capital', the rise of multinationals, and the power of the financial world. Political globalization is reflected in the rise of transnational cooperation, such as in the European Union. Social globalization is about global migration and urbanization, and is linked, for example, to urban super-diversity and to transnational elites and the super-rich.

Research and internship

You will follow four substantive courses. In addition, you will put into practice what you have learned by conducting exploratory sociological research and by doing an internship. This internship can be done, for example, at provincial governments, ministries, EU-related or international organizations, or multinationals.

Bachelor's thesis

At the end of the Bachelor's program in International Sociology, you will write a Bachelor's thesis in the field of social risks.

Examples of professions compatible with this major

  • Strategic policy advisor within the social domain (municipality)
  • Consultant of technology and society
  • Trainee at a European organization
  • Scientific researcher (university)

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