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Why study BSc International Sociology in Tilburg?

International Sociology in Tilburg gives you the freedom to shape the content of your study program. You can choose from two majors in the fields of culture or social risks.

Choosing International Sociology in Tilburg means choosing a high-quality program that includes both theory and practice. Besides introductory and advanced courses on topical and relevant sociological issues, you will conduct exploratory research and do an internship in your third year.

On top of that, you can study abroad for a semester without study delay. This flexible study program leaves room for personal choices, because your ambitions, interests and talents matter at Tilburg University.

The program in International Sociology is small-scale and personal. You will quickly get to know your fellow students and lecturers. International Sociology in Tilburg has its own Facebook page as well as a private Facebook community for each year group. In this way, you can meet your fellow students online, even prior to your studies. You can also join the student association Versot.

International Sociology in Tilburg won’t let you muddle along. One of the lecturers will become your personal study mentor. Throughout your studies, you will have a number of conversations with him or her about your study progress, interests, ambitions and career opportunities.