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Student Sabine van Sprang

"This exchange has been a rollercoaster for me. I had both good times and bad ones. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for this experience!"

Student Sabine van Sprang LAS
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Bachelor's program: University College Tilburg: Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Started in: 2014
  • Extracurricular activities: Exchange to Japan: I like watching movies and TV series and going out with friends (mostly to eat)
    I volunteer as a Tilburg University ambassador and I volunteer for stichting dongense jeugdraad in my hometown Dongen.
  • High school diploma: TTO-VWO diploma Incl. International Baccalaureate Higher level English
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German and Italian

Why did you choose to study abroad, and how did you decide to study in the Netherlands?

I chose to go abroad because I knew it would be a great addition to my CV, as well as a great experience in general. Ever since I was told that going abroad would be an opportunity for me, I have been wanting to go. I chose to study in the Netherlands because I have been living here all my life, and even though I loved staying abroad for a semester, I would not be able to be away from home for longer than that. To add to that, Tilburg University is an amazing university in itself, at least for me it is. It is located close to my hometown Dongen where I lived during my first year at university. I moved to Tilburg to prepare for my exchange. I also really like that the campus is very open and accessible for everybody, not just students from your program.

How did you reach the decision to study (your study program)?

I don’t have a passion for something in particular and I am also not outstanding at my courses, so I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. This program (Liberal Arts and Sciences) was perfect for me, since it provided a broad spectrum of courses and interests in its first year. This postponed my decision about what to study for a year while simultaneously giving me many study options to choose from. I still don’t really know what kind of career I want to pursue later on, but at least I am now studying in the field of my interest (Social Sciences).

What is it like to study completely in English, together with international students? Was the transition from high school difficult?

At high school I followed the TTO program and I have been studying in English since the first year of high school until the 3rd .  Because of my TTO program, I have been studying in an international environment already. So, for me, there was not much of a transition.

What do you like most about studying at Tilburg University?

What I like most about studying at Tilburg University is the open and green campus. We are still part of the city while other colleges are separated from the city and therefore some kind of an elite group. Tilburg University feels down to earth. In addition, it does not matter what kind of student you are, you always fit in. I used to only go to class and go home straight after, and that was fine. But you can also join student associations and become member of organizations within the university and be more active in extracurricular activities, and that is also really nice.

Would you recommend studying abroad to a student who might never have thought about it before?


Do your studies take a lot of time? Do you have any time for activities besides your studies?

I personally have to work hard for my results, however I do have a part-time job besides my studies and I am in a relationship so for me it works. Some students are president of boards and member of student associations and have a job and follow two different programs, so I’d say it differs per person, but it is doable.

Do you have any advice for prospective students considering this program, or studying at Tilburg University?

If you are still in doubt, please join a student for a day event, schedule an individual visit or follow a few first year courses so you get the real version of what it is like to study at Tilburg University. I did this and it helped me a lot.

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