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Student Julia Kannengiesser

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Nationality: German
Third year Liberal Arts student
Major: Law in Europe

"Take this opportunity to widen your academic and personal horizon as it will only serve you well in the future."

Immerse myself in yet another culture

I was very eager to go on exchange because I wanted to increase the scope of my international experience: to meet like-minded people, to travel, and to immerse myself in yet another culture. Having lived abroad previously, I was not afraid to take on the challenge to go on exchange and it turned out to be a good and worthwhile experience! The range of locations is enormous; students can choose to go anywhere from Johannesburg to Lima and from Rome to Hong Kong.

LAS exchange student Julia Kannengieser

Deeping my knowledge in the field of law economics

Being initially overwhelmed by the choices, I eventually decided to apply to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The university appealed to me in the first place because it has an outstanding Law School, and I was keen on deepening my knowledge in the field of law economics. Due to the study credit conversion, I was taking only three courses in Edinburgh but all of them on the higher honors level. Therefore, I only had one seminar once a week per course for which we had to prepare some reading and sometimes complete short assignments. The teaching style in these rather small seminars was quite interactive and the students were encouraged to give feedback to the material presented in class.

Experiencing the Scottish culture

As for cultural differences, I would have to say that the people are very friendly; you can always rely on the bus driver to tell you where to get off if you don't know your way around yet. The Scots are a proud people and have many stories to tell about their ancient history and the monster of Loch Ness. While in Edinburgh, you will never tire of hearing the bagpipes play at Waverley Station, seeing the concierge of the Balmoral Hotel dressed in the traditional tartan, or marveling at the beautiful architecture of the buildings and the landscape that surrounds it all.

To anyone who wants to go on exchange: Take this opportunity to widen your academic and personal horizon as it will only serve you well in the future. Take a leap of faith and… come to Edinburgh!

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