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Social Innovation Project University College Tilburg: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Go out into the real world

Social Innovation is a hot topic. The world is in need of new interdisciplinary solutions to the challenges facing our society. University College Tilburg offers you a chance to contribute to Social Innovation not only in your career after graduation, but also during your third year of studies.

Social and innovative entrepreneurship

The Social Innovation Project is all about social and innovative entrepreneurship.

  • You will first identify major contemporary social challenges, while working in small groups with students from different majors.
  • Secondly, you will design a social innovation project and then put your ideas into practice.
  • In the process, you will learn the core skills needed to launch and develop your own project or business idea, and you will see the fruits of your work in the real world.

The first run of the Social Innovation Project resulted in a broad range of ideas, such as a drugs simulation to show high school students the do’s and don’ts of drugs, a pop-up restaurant designed to draw attention to food waste, a platform for people to share their skills, and a social gathering to increase people’s understanding of different cultures.

The Social Innovation Project runs twice a year and is limited to 20 students per semester.