Students on campus

Why study at University College Tilburg?

Optional residential setting

We offer an optional residential setting. This means that you will become part of a close-knit and active University College community, with the option of experiencing life as a student on a thriving, international campus without the requirement of a residential setting. In this way, you will experience the best of both worlds. You will have access to Tilburg University's world-class resources, events and facilities, and you will be part of a community of over 13,000 students from more than 90 countries. You will also be studying alongside students from different degree programs, so you will have a chance to broaden your circle of friends and contacts.

Innovative teaching methods

Around ten courses within Liberal Arts and Sciences program use the innovative 'team teaching' approach. This method is unique to Tilburg University's study of the Liberal Arts, and which involves two academics with different backgrounds jointly teaching the same course.

Classes employing the 'team teaching' method are highly interactive, and small-sized. You will find your ideas challenged by professors and students, and you will be invited to question the reasoning or assumptions of others. These debates are intensely stimulating, honing your ability to reason and critically assess, to substantiate your ideas, to articulate your arguments, and to present a compelling case. You will come to understand just how much 'truth' depends on the point of view at hand.

Five majors and an interdisciplinary basis

Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Tilburg offers you a unique opportunity to obtain a specialized qualification in one of five majors, combined with a broad and interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts. This means that you will learn to examine issues using insights from multiple academic disciplines or schools of thought.

By doing so you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the whole social, cultural, and economic environment in which we live. With your ability to examine complex issues from a range of different angles, you will have a better understanding of the world, and you will be in a better position to help solve its most pressing issues. With every major offering you both electives and mandatory courses, you follow a coherent curriculum that will prepare you for a top Master's program.

Top program label in the Netherlands

Liberal Arts and Sciences has been awarded a Dutch ‘Top program’ label (Keuzegids 2018 ranking), which means that this program is one of the strongest in Higher Education in the Netherlands. Students highly rate the academic training they receive, the guidance given by the academic staff, and the diversity in teaching methods.