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After your Bachelor's in Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

When you have obtained your Bachelor's degree, you can enter the job market straight away. However, your chances in the job market will increase considerably if you also obtain a Master's degree. At Tilburg University we offer a number of unique Master’s tracks in the field of Culture Studies.

MA track Art and Media Studies
MA track Digital Culture Studies
MA track Management of Cultural Diversity
MA track Jeugdliteratuur (in Dutch)
MA track Health Humanities

You can also choose a Master’s program in different field of study. In this case, most of the time, you will have to do a pre-Master’s program first (1/2 up to1 year). Of course it is also possible to follow a Master’s program, or a part of it, abroad. Online Culture is an English-taught BA program and thus ideally prepares you for studying abroad.