Bachelor Online Culture

Program and courses Online Culture: Art, Media and Society BA

In this unique, international Bachelor’s program you study the interplay of digital media, art, and culture in an increasingly globalized society. You examine the influence of digitalization and globalization on the world we live in, from four contemporary perspectives.

Program structure and content*

*from September 2024 onwards

First Year Content

In the first year, you familiarize yourself with insights and theories about digital culture in relation to society.

You will take the following courses:

  • Exploring Digital Cultures – Part 1
  • Exploring Digital Cultures – Part 2
  • Platforms, Persons, Publics
  • Popular Culture and Society
  • Thinking about Science 
  • Heritage, Memory and Identity
  • Art and Media in a Digital Society
  • Big ideas in the Humanities: changing views on nature

Additionally, you take several skills courses including Academisch Nederlands (optional), Academic English, Doing Research: Methodology, and Doing Research: Ethnography and Discourse Analysis. You will participate in an active Mentorship program (PASS OC 1) and get acquainted with our counselors of Student Career Services. You will also start with your personal Career Orientation Plan.

Second Year Content

In year 2, besides a set of compulsory courses, you have the freedom to choose two elective courses.

You will take the following compulsory courses:

  • Media Aesthetics 
  • Globalization, Migration and Tourism
  • Doing Research: Digital Data and Digital Techniques
  • Philosophical perspectives on Art, Media and Society 
  • Digital Media and Politics
  • Gender and bodies in media 
  • Reading and Writing in Online Culture
  • Youth Cultures

You can choose from the following elective courses:

  • Truth of Fiction
  • Multiculturalism and Identity 
  • Rituals and Media 
  • Cultural professionals 
  • Intercultural communication and global journalism 
  • From Networks to Platforms 
  • The Practice of Digital Activism 
  • Privacy and Surveillance 
  • Participatory Art and Performance 

In this second year, the focus builds on your academic skills. You will take part in Talent Management training as part of your Career Orientation Plan. In this training, you explore your talents and map out your desired job market profile. You will uncover answers to questions like: 'Who am I?', 'What do I want?' and 'What am I good at?'. 

Third Year Content

In the third year, you can further explore your passions and broaden your horizons by selecting a minor package (semester 1) and electives that fit your interests (semester 2). The second semester is also the moment to work on your thesis, where you can choose a topic you're interested in and receive guidance from experienced and inspiring supervisors.


Create your package: you can use the minor to further broaden your knowledge and take courses in a different field, either at Tilburg University or a different university in the Netherlands. It is also possible to do an exchange semester at a renowned university abroad without having to worry about study delay.
When you consider doing a Master’s in a different field of study after your Bachelor’s in Online Culture: Art, Media, and Society, you can use your minor to gain prior knowledge that is required.


In the second semester, you can take three electives from the range of courses listed above. Instead of electives, you have the opportunity to do a short internship and/or research what it means to be an entrepreneur in the cultural field. 
You attend a Professional Identity workshop as part of your Career Orientation Plan where you gain insight into your opportunities. You finish the third year with a Bachelor's thesis.

Study abroad: going on exchange

We encourage all students to gain international experience. A popular and very exciting option is to go abroad on exchange. As an exchange student, you study at one of the many international partner universities of Tilburg University, typically for one semester.

The Study Abroad & Exchange Office of Tilburg University will be available to help you research the opportunities within your study program and a dedicated Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator will be advising you before, during and after your exchange.

Most students will be eligible for a grant or scholarship to financially support them during their exchange experience. Additional grants for students with special needs or a difficult financial situation are also available.

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Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

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Why Online Culture: Art, Media and Society in Tilburg?

  • You receive international education in groups of approximately 15 to 50 students. The small-scale program is beneficial for the quality of education: there is ample room for guidanceinteraction and feedback. This is a perfect way for you to learn how to voice your opinion.
  • The program is up to date, addressing current developments and events.
  • There is a lot of attention for your language- and writing skills. The program has its own online magazine: Diggit Magazine. Within this innovative learning environment, you will publish papers, opinion pieces, and reviews.
  • Throughout the program, there is a focus on career orientation. You participate in workshops and training sessions such as Talent Management and Labor Market Orientation to prepare you for a career after graduation.

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