Academic Pre-Bachelor Tilburg University program

Program Academic Pre-Bachelor

In the base year, courses compulsary for admission for any university are offered. The program consists of different subjects and modules. The study load is 40-hour a week.

Courses Academic Pre-Bachelor

Dutch as a Second Language (Nt2)

Throughout the year, you take Dutch classes. You will prepare for the Dutch State Exam, program II, and for the KNM (knowledge of dutch society) exam.

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English: B1-min to B2 level

You will take English courses the entire year. During these lessons, you will improve your level to a minimum of B2. This is the level required at most universities in order to pursue an education there. After the course you will do an official IELTS-exam and you can obtain a higher score than B2.  

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You will take math courses during the entire year. You will expand your knowledge of math so that you can take an exam at the vwo 6 level. The exam is taken in April. In most cases, you will take the subject Mathematics A. If you are going to enroll in a major with an entrance requirement of Mathematics B, then we will customize your program so that you can prepare for the Mathematics B exam. 

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Human and Social Sciences

You will take a series of introductory lectures in majors offered at Tilburg University such as economics, law, psychology and communication during the second half of the year. You will also practice your academic skills for each subject such as looking for academic sources, giving a presentation or writing an essay. 

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Study Skills

The Study Skills module prepares you even more for pursuing an education at a Dutch university. You will develop your study skills and learn more about student life in the Netherlands. 

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Skills for Study and Career Choice

Including exam preparation ONA and study choice module

  • During the module Skills for Study and Career Choice, you will receive guidance so that you can obtain a realistic expectation of your potential for pursuing an education and a career in the Netherlands.
  • The course is taught by an experienced career counselor. You will receive help in compiling a portfolio in which your education, experience and expectations are included.
  • You are also expected to visit open days at courses and institutions you would like to attend and, when possible, participate in try-out classes.
  • By the end of the module, you will have made a realistic selection for your subject of study and can then take the ONA exam at DUO.

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Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM)

With exam preparation

During this short module, you will expand your knowledge of Dutch society and prepare for the KNM exam, which you will take at DUO. 

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Mentor hours

To maximize your study success, we stimulate your personal development and your creative and innovative skills. During the mentor hours you will discuss and work on topics varying from social media and communication skills to student life.

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You will follow a internship between February and May. During the internship you will get a good picture of your future study and of a Dutch company or organization. You will also learn the Dutch language even better and you continue to build on your network.

  • Bassam Hamoudeh

    Participant Pre-Bachelor 2017-2018

    "The pre-bachelor year was an important step in my life. Thanks to the coordinators of the program, I was admitted to the pre-master after the pre-bachelor. My results were very good and I passed within six months. I am now enjoying studying the master’s in Data Science and Society at Tilburg University."

  • Ranim Alayoubi

    Participant Pre-Bachelor 2017-2018

    "The pre-bachelor was a great opportunity to study at university. I learned a lot about study skills and working together in groups. This helps me in my study. At the moment I am following Computing Science at Radboud University. I finished the first block succesfully. Some courses are a bit difficult, but I will do my best to pass."