Bachelor Psychology

Extracurricular activities BSc Psychology

As a motivated student, you will get every opportunity to fully develop yourself during your studies. This is possible within your own program, of course, but Tilburg University has other opportunities as well. You can deepen your knowledge by means of our challenging On-top programs. Our international focus enables you to have an unforgettable experience by studying abroad for six months. You can also broaden your horizons by taking one of our many courses or by becoming active within the program’s study association.

Study abroad

During your program in Psychology, there are many opportunities to go abroad. For example, during the third year of the program, you can spend a semester (six months) abroad as an exchange student in order to follow courses at one of the partner universities of Tilburg University. So if your ambition extends beyond the Netherlands, the Bachelor’s program in Psychology at Tilburg University offers all kinds of possibilities to develop yourself, with the full support of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Excellence programs

Are you an ambitious first-year student aiming for something more? Tilburg University wishes to nurture talent. If you are interested, you can broaden your horizons with the Honors Program or the Outreaching Program. Both programs offer challenging, inspiring and in-depth education for top talents. Develop yourself, deepen your interests, and get to know other disciplines. It’s the ideal way to show more of yourself.

Did you get good grades in your first year and do you want to make the most of your study? Then you are eligible to participate in the Excellence Program of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB). In this program you deepen your knowledge and understanding by taking additional classes in the field of social and behavioral sciences. The Excellence Program is an intensive, activating, and interdisciplinary English-taught program of four courses in addition to the regular curriculum, spread over the four semesters of the second and third year of the program.

Student Associations

Study association Complex

The study association of the Psychology program is called ‘Complex’. The association is organized for and by students and aims to make student life challenging by means of conferences and symposia, for example, and of course get-togethers, parties and study trips.

Faculty Association IDEA

Faculty Association IDEA is the umbrella association for all students of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. IDEA is also the link between the faculty board and the associations and between the different students of TSB. The association connects different actors within TSB.

Student Career Services

Student Career Services helps students prepare for the labor market, they do this in various ways, such as giving workshops, offering internships at organizations with which they maintain contacts, events and the like.