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Specializing in Forensic Psychology

In the major in Forensic Psychology, you will study the risk factors for deviant behavior and antisocial tendencies. You will focus on both personal characteristics and environmental influences that contribute to the development of antisociality, that is, a pattern of attitudes and behaviors that are considered deviant and/or punishable by society.
You will also explore applications used to work in the clinical forensic and judicial system, such as court, special youth care, forensic psychiatric centers, or prisons, where specialized assessment and treatment are required to youth and adults who manifest deviant tendencies, as well as to victims and families. You can study this specialization in both English and Dutch.

Subsequent Master’s programs

Master’s in Clinical Forensic Psychology (Dutch-taught), Research Master's in Individual Differences and Assessment, and Master’s in Victimology and Criminal Justice at Tilburg University. Or a Master’s in Criminology or a similar program in Psychology at another institution.

Typical courses

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  • Risk Assessment
  • Criminality, Cognition and Personality
  • Diagnostics