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Program and courses BSc Public Governance: Public Administration, Economics and Law

Within the Public Governance program, cross-border problems are central. How do governments, companies and the non-profit sector work together to solve these problems? You will study society and its many challenges from an international point of view, constantly comparing different countries and viewpoints. Public Governance integrates three fields of expertise crucial to addressing present-day societal challenges: public administration, economics and law.

Structure of the program

Five continuous learning trajectories can be identified within the program; they will represent the leitmotiv of your studies. The themes approached by the curriculum complement each other and together lay the foundation of the field of Public Governance:

  1. Macro-level: How are governments organized?
  2. Meso-level: How do organizations function?
  3. Micro-level: How are policies made?
  4. Multi-level: How do networks function?
  5. Research skills

Throughout the program, you will find courses which fall within one of the trajectories, allowing you to switch between the different perspectives.

Every year, you will put the theory you learn into practice by working on real issues in a Governance Clinic. An example is conducting a research for an organization like Oxfam Novib (read: Public Governance students make Oxfam Novib Clinic a real success.

 If you want to get an overview of the structure of the program and its content, you can access our latest webinar and the Virtual Open Week Law and Public Administration session.

Year 1 Content
Year 2 Content
Year 3 Content

Programs are subject to change, so we advise our students to check their exact program in the education catalog at the official start of the academic year.

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Why in Tilburg?

  • The program is small-scaled and interactive with a strong international character.
  • Every year, you will have the chance to develop unique skills in a Governance Clinic: an assignment where you approach an interdisciplinary societal challenge from a governmental point of view. Assignments are drawn from, for example, the sphere of mobility, law enforcement, health care, education or social security. For example, the first-year students conducted commissioned research on private sponsorship schemes for refugees for Oxfam Novib.
  • The program adopts innovative and interactive teaching methods, including games, simulations, and actionable research.
  • Right from your first year onwards, you will get to work on real-life issues as they occur in public organizations. The program is practice-oriented and includes a series of field trips and an internship. This link between theory and practice will give you a solid foundation for your future.

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